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بطريركية الأقباط بالقدس عن خطاب زكريا بطرس: نأسف لجرح مشاعر إخواتنا المسلمين

Coptic Patriot of Jerusalem in the Speech of Zachariah Putros: Sorry for hurting the feelings of our Muslim sisters

The Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem issued a statement regarding the statements of Father Zacharias Putros, confirming that he condemned the speech of Father Zacharias Putros, rejecting his method in form and meaning, and marveled at this method far removed from the teachings of Jesus. Meek.

The Patriot’s statement added: “We apologize for hurting the feelings of our Muslim sisters, and hope that we will learn from the wise King Solomon, who said that a gentle response would divert anger and that hurtful words insult anger.”

The Coptic Orthodox Church issued a statement about Zacharias Putros, confirming that he was a priest in Egypt and was converted between several churches, and that he provided education that was not in line with the Orthodox faith, so he was suspended for a period. He later apologized and moved to Australia, then to the United Kingdom, where he also taught non-Orthodox education, and in all these cases, the Church worked hard to correct his idea.

The former pastor had submitted a request to adjust his retirement from the priesthood, and the late Pope Shenouda III accepted the request on January 11, 2003, after which he did not join the Coptic Orthodox Church or do any work. Whether it is near or far.

He then went to the United States, where some held his meetings in homes and hotels, and the Diocese of Los Angeles warned its people not to hold it at that time.

At the end of the report, we reject abusive and defamatory practices because they do not conform to the true Christian spirit and protect our love and full respect for all our Muslim brothers.

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