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Coronavirus has already killed more than 3 million people worldwide

Coronavirus has already killed more than 3 million people worldwide

According to its own calculations, Reuters reported that the number of deaths from the Covid virus exceeded 3 million on Monday.

JHU’s data on Saturday also showed that nearly 140 million cases of coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide. In the United States, India and Brazil, the number of confirmed cases has exceeded ten million.

The last 10 million infections have increased in 14 days, indicating the pace is accelerating – another ten in 19 days, the previous ten in 25 days and the same in 23 days. In mid-September last year, the total number of injured was 30 million, the ceiling of 50 million fell at the beginning of November, and this year, on January 26, the number of injured exceeded 100 million. According to JHU, the total number of deaths due to covid-19 has now exceeded 3 million, and nearly 80 million have been treated so far.

The United States has been at the fore in the number of infected people since last March, with the total number of injured reaching 31.6 million, according to JHU. Other worst-affected countries include India (14.5 million), Brazil (13.8 million), France (5.2 million) and Russia (about 4.6 million). The other places are Britain (4.4 million), Turkey (4.1 million), Italy (3.8 million), and the ten most important countries in the world are Spain (3.4 million) and Germany (about 1.2 million).

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