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Coronavirus is spreading in Seychelles despite vaccination

Coronavirus is spreading in Seychelles despite vaccination

Seychelles has vaccinated most of its population in the world – more than 70 percent of people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 60 percent have been fully vaccinated. However, the archipelago is reimposing closures and closing schools and sports centers. Among the newly infected people, a number of vaccinated people, which raises doubts about the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine used.

Cases in recent days flooded the only patient care center in Seychelles. According to the local health ministry, a total of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean are fighting the biggest wave of the epidemic.

The daily increases exceed 300 injured, and the total number of injured exceeds eight thousand. A week ago, the country was next door 1000 injured Persons. Although these numbers seem to be low, in a country of one hundred thousand people, this represents a greater increase in the number of patients than India is currently experiencing, as the American Daily writes. Wall Street Journal.

The situation is all the more surprising given that the country was vaccinated at the fastest time in the world. About 38,000 people got it Chinese Sinopharm vaccine and a smaller fraction of the population preparation from the British company AstraZeneca, made in India. However, according to the Seychelles Ministry of Health, more than a third of the new cases are fully vaccinated. However, authorities have not identified any prevalent vaccine.

According to Kathryn O’Brien, director of the WHO’s Vaccine Division, most new infections have a milder course of disease. “Sinopharma requires two doses. Some new cases became infected after the first dose of vaccination or very shortly after the second dose,” she added.

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Unclear efficacy

But other testimonials also appear. For example, Christina Etoile described to the Wall Street Journal that her 42-year-old sister Eva, who works as a nurse, received a second dose of Sinopharm in early March. However, after three weeks she started coughing, and developed a high fever and dry throat. “They tested positive for her infection with the Coronavirus, and they had to take care of her in the same hospital where she works,” said Etoile. “I don’t think the vaccine would protect her very much.”

The whole world is now following the developments on the islands. This is mainly because the World Health Organization last Friday recommended a Chinese vaccine for emergency use. The decision aims to help with acute shortages of vaccines in developing countries, where a very small portion of the population is vaccinated.

But it will also help Beijing strengthen its role in so-called vaccine diplomacy, through which the country seeks to bolster its global influence. However, the current developments in Seychelles call into question the efficacy of the Chinese vaccine.

The fact that the UAE, where tens of thousands of doses of Chinese substances have already been vaccinated, required some citizens to inject a third dose due to the weak immune response. According to official data, only a few people needed it.

It is open to tourists

According to the Seychellois opposition, President Wavil Ramkalwan secured supplies of the Chinese vaccine during his visit to the UAE in December without consulting experts first. “The president has not consulted health experts and this vaccine has not been approved by any recognized international body,” said Patrick Hermene, who leads the United Seychelles Party.

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However, Secretary and Secretary of State Silvestre Radegund stressed that most of the newly infected had a very mild course of the disease. On Saturday, there were only 40 people in the hospital, including only two in intensive care units. “This proves that the vaccine had an effect,” Advertise.

There are also a number of disease variants in the Seychelles, including a more contagious mutation in South Africa. Because of this, the South African government stopped vaccinating the AstraZeneca vaccine because it appeared to be less effective against the mutation.

A spokeswoman for the pharmaceutical company said, “AstraZeneca is well tolerated and highly effective in preventing symptoms of Covid-19. We know that our vaccine has saved thousands of lives.” Recent clinical trials in the United States confirmed the efficacy of AstraZeneca at 79% against the symptomatic course of the disease.

According to some epidemiologists, the Seychelles rushed to vaccinate a lot. By relying only on the preparations they received as a gift, they used less effective vaccines. The islands tried to open up to tourists as quickly as possible.

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