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Corvette will be its own brand.  It will come with both an SUV and a sedan

Corvette will be its own brand. It will come with both an SUV and a sedan

For decades, the name Corvette has been associated with the sports cars of the Chevrolet brand – one model is available in different versions. However, that is likely to change soon.

According to the Car and Driver website, the Corvette will be established as an entirely new brand with its own products, as early as 2025. In addition to the traditional two-door sports car, it should also come with an SUV or sedan. Both models will be electric.

The source that came out with this information is unknown, and it should be noted that the General Motors concern, under which the Chevrolet car company belongs, has not yet officially confirmed this news. According to available reports, there are already the first concrete plans for the vehicles, but so far without technical details.

The next Chevrolet Corvette is set to arrive as a sedan and electric SUV


The new Corvette models are said to have extremely high energy density batteries and high-revving electric motors. There should also be torque vectoring or all-wheel steering.

According to other information, the new models are something completely new, and the source directly states that nothing similar has yet appeared in the USA, Europe or Asia. It is said that GM’s intention is to “create three American legends capable of breaking new ground by bringing the essence of the Corvette to life.”

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