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Countries want to withdraw from the International Space Station, and NASA is planning a "Moon Gateway"

Countries want to withdraw from the International Space Station, and NASA is planning a “Moon Gateway”

In light of the talk of some countries that they want to permanently withdraw from the International Space Station in 2025, a number of countries have begun preparing for the establishment of space stations, which means the return of the frantic competition between countries to establish a foothold in space.

The International Space Station gathers astronauts from all over the world, which is considered the best model for cooperation between many countries, as it has been operating since 1998, while Russia has expressed that it may withdraw from it permanently in 2025.

According to a report published byFoxAfter the closure of the International Space Station, it will be replaced by a group of new space stations, which fears that there will be a state of political and economic tensions.

The report indicates that the US space agency, NASA, will reduce its presence in orbit around the Earth, as it wants to have stations closer to the Moon or Mars, and it may lease facilities to its astronauts in new space stations run by private companies.

International Space Station

After the supposed closure of the International Space Station, it will be directed towards the atmosphere, where it will burn and disintegrate, and countries will have several space stations that can find astronauts a place there, allowing the promotion of international space programs through the exploitation of private sector projects in space.

“Commercial companies have the ability to invest in space, and we don’t want to compete with that,” said Robin Gatins, NASA’s director for the International Space Station.

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“We want to transform the Earth’s orbit to be invested by the private sector, so that the government and NASA can use their resources to do more difficult missions in space,” he added.

Major companies such as Lockheed Martin, Blue Origin, and major investors could launch 4 space stations into Earth orbit within the next decade.

NASA is also building a space station that will be called “The Moon Gate”, which is expected to begin construction in space in 2024. India and Russia are also planning to launch their own space stations, while China is currently building its own space station.

The International Space Station took 42 assembly flights to build, at an estimated cost of $100 billion, and includes 16 interconnected units that are habitable, and there are currently 11 astronauts from four different countries on board.