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Course: Austria can buy one million Spotnik V vaccines from Russia

Course: Austria can buy one million Spotnik V vaccines from Russia

Updates: 10.04.2021 15:13

Vienna – Austrian President Sebastian Kurz said today that Austro-Russian talks on Sputnik V are underway. According to him, Vienna can buy this Kovid-19 vaccine in one million doses from Russia. This would mean “extra acceleration” for the Austrian vaccine campaign, citing the Chancellor APA.

Following the end of the corona virus crisis, the United States and Israel are certainly aiming to find out what can be done differently in Europe so that the continent can progress faster as vaccines are sought and approved.

The initiative to find a Russian vaccine was defended by the head of the parliamentary section of the president of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP), August Wஜிzinger. Do not be “blind” in this matter, he told the radio station ORF-Radio Ö1. According to him, Austria should buy what is possible. He said Austria had been informed in Russia some time ago and now Germany and France were going to do the same.

However, Wokinger insisted that the vaccine be tested. However, according to him, Austria does not have to wait for the approval of the European Drug Administration (EMA), but can verify the substance itself.

Last month, President Kurz strongly criticized the EU’s allocation of Govt vaccines, saying it was unfair. He cited the side talks that led member states to conclude additional agreements with pharmaceutical companies.

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