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Court deals with disturbing (non) monitoring of users' websites

Court deals with disturbing (non) monitoring of users’ websites

There hasn’t been such a big issue for the giant Google and user data collection for a long time. There is a case in Arizona court dealing with suspicions that the company is intentionally extremistة Complicated (or complicated) to turn off phone location tracking. It was alleged that some mobile phone manufacturers were forced to carry out this practice. Even after this functionality was blocked, it allegedly continued to run and collect data on the server in several places. Even through apps that have nothing to do with Google. Google will have to explain in court to track location Annoying words for some of its employees.

Even many of the company’s top executives and developers didn’t have a good overview of how the group worked and set up. Some testimonials directly indicate that Google’s intention was to make the settings complicated الإعدادات Make it hard for people to turn off tracking. And they might arrange them differently if they succeed. Not only third-party applications, but also the persuasion of global manufacturers, were used for this. He should have gone For example, about LG. However, the Korean company has not commented on the issue. like google. It is alleged that the US tech giant used this data in a desperate attempt to obtain this data WiFi Connectivity Analysis.

“I should be able to locate my device without talking about it The Google Said one of the employees. “So there is no way Do I run the site in someone else’s app without Google getting it right away? It doesn’t sound like something we want to make headlines say, “Someone else didn’t understand. However, the latter inevitably happened, and the case opened by Next Digital Content Group and the News Media Alliance is already watching by many eyes. We’ll see how Google stands on the court for location tracking.

Google Maps - Navigation & Explore

Google Maps – Navigation & Explore

Some people from the company also mentioned a competitor to Apple in their statements. According to them, it is currently Good acting roleHow to provide location data without the giant company automatically controlling it. The case will continue in Arizona court with more documents.

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