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Covid changes the balance of power in the lyask business, to Igor Rattaj. Ariel will also get rid of those who claimed he was never a reporter

There were times when Igor Rataj spent his ski days and 100 days of the season. Today, it is important that they are among the people looking for a pub in general.

Pictured: Tom Nossell

Slovakian businessman Igor Rataj believes that the coronavirus crisis is causing a change of cards and a change in the balance of power in business, which he is also working on. Therefore, it is not excluded that her business will continue to grow not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

yAnd others before the pandemic were against online shopping. Today, he buys almost all from online stores. “I am a typical example of how a consumer who raises one million people in the world can completely change in one year,” says Igor Rataj, Slovak co-owner and independent contributor to Tatry Mountain Resorts (TMR). Poland, Poland and Austria. The former partner of the J&T financial group is convinced that the change in consumer education will be reflected not only in the company’s own business, but in the overall economy of the subsidiary, which will no longer be able to respond.

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