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Crawled in addition to the home office.  There is a lack of order, we walk away and relieve stress with food

Crawled in addition to the home office. There is a lack of order, we walk away and relieve stress with food

Look in your memory and honestly admit how many times during the day you covered from the computer or TV in the kitchen and did something good? This is one of the most common mistakes people encounter in the home office.

“While working from home, we are surrounded by a large food supply. Stress also plays a role, whether conscious or subconscious, when food acts as a calming agent because it elicits euphoric feelings,” explains nutritionist Kateřina Šimková of Healthy Eating.

And it often isn’t just that. Being at home with a partner or with children is difficult, so as part of maintaining mental balance, we often get to tempered glass. But alcohol is just another calorie bomb we give the body.

Kachina Simkova warns: “In addition, alcohol dilutes our inhibitions and stimulates the appetite, and at the same time it quenches a lot.”

On the other hand, lunch usually suffers from a nutritional point of view

Another fact is that many people who used to go to restaurants for lunch in offices, at home, are involved in importing food items such as pizza, fast food or semi-finished products, which is definitely not a healthy, balanced diet. .

Fast food dishes contain few nutrients, but they do contain a lot of fats and salts and are very vital.

How do you get out of everything?

“Hunger is one of the worst conditions we can expose the body to. An unexplained decrease in food intake, which deprives the body of essential nutrients, leads to a loss of muscle mass, which reduces the basal metabolic value (BMR). The higher the metabolic rate value increases. Your primary, the more energy your body gets.

During hunger, the stress hormone cortisol is also released, which makes our bodies unwell, so higher levels of cortisol can lead to weight gain.

It works similarly with long-term, one-sided diets. These are based on the fact that we are eliminating or drastically cutting certain essential nutrients like carbohydrates or fats. The organism will deal with it in the short term, but in the future it will catch up with us and it can have really dire consequences. ”

The body needs all the nutrients to function, not only protein, but also healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, which are, among other things, a source of energy.

So forget about hunger and one-sided diets. They will hurt and not help. The three prerequisites for successful and healthy weight loss are: a varied and regular diet, energy expenditure above income, and any important physical activity.

Don’t forget your regular daily routine

Thanks to the mode, you will define the space for each activity you want to engage in and create daily rituals that will give you a sense of security, peace of mind, and stability.

“Try to set daily rituals similar to those at work at home. You may not physically have morning tea with your co-workers, but you can do a conference call with them directly from the kitchen. You can easily replace your yoga lessons with an internet video and the like. If you aren’t going to work right now. “It’s a good idea to create your own schedule, which will give you a sense of control and organization, and keep you mentally much better than 14 hours on TV on the sofa,” recommends Petr Patoka of Keosun.

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