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Crazy bee products have almost disappeared from the shelves. Honey is strictly controlled

Although every fifth honey in trade should be unsatisfactory according to the percentage, in reality there are fewer unsatisfactory honeys. Inspectors do not advance at random, but rather go to targeted inspections of therapists they suspect.

“We select samples for evaluation in laboratories according to a risk assessment system that takes into account a large number of parameters,” describes Pavel Kopřiva of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority.

“After cases of fraudulent selling of honey in the Czech Republic, confidence in the quality of honey in stores has declined. However, the situation has been normal for some time now and we are seeing an increase in sales year on year, so customers come back with confidence,” explains Milan Špaszek, CEO of Medokomerc, She is the largest Czech processor of honey.

Currently, it is difficult for the customer to find imitation honey in the store. “The quality of honey has improved a lot in the past few years. Frequent inspections and product testing of honey have contributed greatly to this. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find low-quality or imitated honey from abroad in stores,” describes Dalibor Tetura, President The laboratory at the Beekeeping Research Institute.

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Honey from Europe and abroad is examined, among other things, by MRI, which detects foreign substances in the honey and whether the bees have been fed syrup. Thus, the results of the inspections dispel the myth that foreign honey may not be of sufficient quality.

The Czech producer Medokomerc also uses magnetic resonance imaging. Thus, he tests his honey outside his duties. “We monitor the quality of honey by means of what is called a three-stage check. We take samples from all types of honey purchased, we take additional samples as they are processed and the last sample from each batch produced. As the only company in the Czech Republic, we regularly send samples to the QSI laboratory in Bremen, Germany, They use the best control methods found in honey in Europe. Unfortunately, there is no laboratory in the Czech Republic that can test all the parameters we require”, explains Špaek from Medokomerc.

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Fake honey often contains a deficiency of enzymes or excessive values ​​of certain substances, dyes or antibiotics. Pavel explains that “a honey marked with a non-existent product was discovered and a tax document was attached indicating a false identification number, company name and address of the product, or data of a non-existent entity was provided,” Kupsheva.

However, honey may seem flawed at first glance, it may be just as good. Usually the consumer cannot detect deficiencies. “Every honey is different it differs in taste and fluidity. Honey with a high glucose content, for example, crystallizes faster, and this is not a problem,” concludes Špaček.