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“Crazy” combines Hala Al-Turk and Spectrum Adel

Iraqi composer and distributor Taif Adel revealed his cooperation with Bahraini singer Hala Al-Turk in a new song entitled “Magnona”, which is scheduled to be released on YouTube and social networking sites during the next few days..

Adel said that the song was composed by Maytham Aladdin and produced by the “Platinum Records” company, and it has a fast Western character, and it will be a surprise to the audience, he said.

He added that he is also preparing a song with the Iraqi singer Aseel Hamim under the title “You Need You”, from the words of Qusai Issa, and composed by Mustafa Al-Rubaie, which is of the type of romantic songs, according to his words..

And he continued: I am putting the final touches with the Iraqi singer Tayseer Al-Safir on a new song entitled “You want to die”, from the words of Rami Al-Aboudi, and composed by Maitham Alaa Al-Din, as it bears the character of the Iraqi rhythm, and we will present it in the coming days..

Taif Adel explained that he is cooperating with Iraqi singer Mahmoud Al-Ghayath in 4 songs at once, which are: “Impossible, I called, imagine, I love you”, stressing that each song is different from the other.

He also revealed that he presented patriotic songs for the Emirates and Iraq with his compatriot Mustafa Al Abdullah and composer Ali Jassim, as the lyrics of these songs will mix the Emirati and Iraqi dialects..

Taif Adel Ali confirmed the existence of a song compiled by the Iraqi singer Rahma Riyad entitled “Badak Ahsas”, composed by Mahmoud Al-Ghayath, and carrying the Hijazi Maqam, as he indicated his cooperation with the singer Nour Al-Zein in his new album and a number of single songs..

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The Iraqi composer and distributor noted that he had prepared two songs with the Iraqi singer Duma` Tahsin and singer Mustafa Al-Rabee, which are “Hbak” and “Wenko”, respectively. Egyptian.