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Create a chandelier.  Designers Herrmann & Coufal won the main prize for grand Czech design

Create a chandelier. Designers Herrmann & Coufal won the main prize for grand Czech design

The top designers of the year, the absolute winners in the categories of the Grand Czech Design Awards, were the duo of Eduard Hermann and Matuj Koval. The jury attracted, among other things, cooperation with the Hornbach retail chain of stores, for which they designed a set of three lamps respecting the principles of doing it yourself, that is, do it yourself.

During Wednesday’s concert, broadcast on T Arts Station, the winners of eight other categories were heard.

Hermann and Koval still dominate the design area of ​​the year. Jacob Polanka became the best fashion designer, Zdeněk Vacek was awarded a prize in the jewelry category, for example, 20YY Designers’ studio was named Graphic Designer of the Year for its visual identity for the emerging Museum of Literature in Prague. Designer, Architect and former Dean of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Jerry Belkle, is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The jury also praised the duo, Herrmann & Coufal, for their design of the capsule-shaped pendant lamp of the Czech brand Lucis. | Photo: Czech Grand Design

The winning spouse believes: “Beauty does not have to be superficial, rather it must be hidden by the meaning of an object or in an ingenious structure.” She posted three video tutorials online with instructions on how to build the so called lamps tension a Balance And chandeliers elevator.

Koval and Herman describe their designs, “The common denominator of the three lamps is their simple design, affordable materials and reasonable workmanship.” When inventing, they assumed that amateur designers had minimal tools and experience.

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Their action attracts an easy and agile mechanical movement that can change the direction of lighting. It can illuminate an entire room, or sparkle in spots, and in the case of a chandelier, the light can be focused in a focused way.

A tension lamp is like a fishing rod: a steel cable and wire stretched against each other. The entire system is loaded with concrete tiles. The lift chandelier opens like a canopy with a number of arms ending with a flashlight as the customer places it there.

“We ran into each design with a series of trial and error,” say designers and fans of the Do It Yourself process. “Handcrafted things are related to us. We would rather fix them than replace them.”

The Herrmann & Coufal duo lift chandelier opens as many awnings as an awning, ends with a flashlight, as the customer places there. | Video: Hornbach

Eduard Hermann and Matuj Koval came from Brno, but they only met in Prague while studying at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. They also have a studio in the capital for six years.

According to them, they follow the work of Victor Papanik and James Hennessy, authors of Nomadic Furniture. In their opinion, the so-called Bedouin furniture is the response to the frequent migration of modern people who need to disassemble, reassemble and use the furniture with the same quality.

Spouses Hermann and Koval have also done many acts in public. Uherské Hradiště requested a complete city information system from them, and they have been cooperating with furniture manufacturer Mmcité for several years. Together they planted the Prague Bridge with litter boxes. They are the authors of the “Czech” steel stairs they designed for Strasbourg. It is located next to the European Parliament building and represents the Czech Republic next door to other designers from all 28 member states of the European Union.

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This year, 84 creative people and companies working in the fields of product design, fashion, jewelry, photography, illustration and graphic design have sought to win one of the Czech Great Design Awards.

The winner was chosen in a three-round vote by the Czech Academy of Design, which currently consists of 68 important Czech and foreign coordinators and experts.

For the second year in a row, the winners were announced without an audience. Due to the ongoing measures against the coronavirus pandemic, it was only shown on television.

The live broadcast was revived with a TV movie directed by Tomáš Luňák about Czech design in 2020. From the Czech TV studio, the ceremony was accompanied by actors and musicians from Mutanti Search, directed by Jan Vejražka and Jiří Konvalinka.

Winners of the Grand Czech Design Awards 2021

Absolute Winners, Designer of the Year – Erste Premier Award: Hermann and Koval

Designer of the Year – Prize of the Ministry of Culture in the Czech Republic: Hermann and Koval / Lifting, Tensioning and Balancing Project (Hornbach) luminaires, Lucis luminaires, Roletta cabinet (FUTURO)

Fashionista of the year: Jacob Bolanka / Group F / W 2020, Group S / S 2021

Jewelry designer of the year: Zdeněk Vacek / Group base

Graphic Designer of the Year: 20YY designers / The Literature Museum’s Visual Identity

Photographer of the Year: / Editorial Jewelery by Dolce vita, Photo by Prague Pride, Editorial by Swarm Mag, Portrait by Katarzia and Portrait by Project Sapience

Painter of the Year: Veronica Falkova, Jan Ceramik / An illustration of the book Apolenka z modrotisku (Romana Košutková, Gallery of Fine Arts in Hodonín)

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Manufacturer of the Year – Design Award for Export: Kubák textile mill / Collection of blankets, blankets, carpets, bedspreads (Durch Duo) and textile products (IHOR)

Discovery of the year: Study Laba Eclipse Acoustic Panels

Inducted into the Hall of Fame: Jerry Billle