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Croats are relentless in the right tests

Croats are relentless in the right tests

Even those who came on a short-term visit to the facility for sightseeing or visiting friends in residence would not be allowed without a certificate. This is also the case, for example, on the site of the famous Straško camp on the island of Pag, where several thousand people from different European countries – including the Czechs – are currently enjoying their holidays.

He no longer wears a headscarf in the camp itself, except for shopping. But just as when entering the area, the female vendors at many of the camp’s shops are also non-negotiable. Regardless of nationalities.

“I can’t let you go, it’s useless, and your test is not valid for two hours. If you want to enter, go to the parking lot in front of the camp, they will test you there. But hurry. Another interested person is advised to stay at the camp security guard at the entrance” It is only open until 10 pm.

Container testing on the island of Pag in Croatia

Photo: Lu

Exams are paid on the spot and fees may vary from place to place. In front of the Straško camping site, for example, is 150 kuna (510 kroner).

He wanted to visit the famous beach disco Zrće near the town of Novalja with his girlfriend Kateřina and brother Honza. As before, registered users with accommodation confirmation can return to the camp site at night without any problems.

Measures in Croatia

Upon arrival in Croatia, vaccination must be offered at least 22 days after the first dose, test or illness. At the border, the European Union asks for a Covid passport, recognizing another form of confirmation only in exceptional cases. If a person does not meet the conditions, they still have a chance to get tested by a PCR test or border antigen test and endure quarantine until the result. An exception applies to children under 12 years old.

On Friday, Croatian authorities extended at least until August 15 the strictest measures from last week. Hijabs or breathing masks must be worn in public enclosed spaces, and outdoors mandatory where a distance of at least 1.5 metres cannot be observed.

Croatia is now one of the countries with a low risk of infection on the list of the Czech Ministry of Health.