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Cross-religious beauty!

Cross-religious beauty!

The beautiful Syrian artist, Nisreen Tafesh, has become the third most beautiful Muslim woman in the world (second runner-up), while Turkey’s Handa Archil, who previously won the title of Miss World, topped the top, while the first runner-up is the Indian Zareen Khan. The competition website (FILLGAP NEWS).

The most beautiful woman in the world is also the most beautiful Muslim woman, and this is natural and logical.. If she did not get the title after adding the ideological dimension to it, there would have been a flaw in the assessment, but the question is: What is the income of religion? Do different and multiplicity religions contribute to an increase or decrease in beauty factors?, and is the most beautiful example the most faithful?.. The positive aspect of that competition is that it is a direct echo of the famous saying (God is beautiful and loves beauty), after the definition of beauty for some became equal to the face. The other for seduction.

In Europe and America, they like from time to time to hold qualitative competitions. These comparisons can be made simply, such as: the most beautiful black or white woman, over seventy, or dwarfs..etc, and results are announced and do not raise any other shadows..but in our Arab world There are always negative shadows, and if we say the most beautiful Muslim or Christian woman or girl, the phrase will not be correct, the beauty in these competitions will be placed within the framework of hateful sectarianism.

Praising beauty remains the goal. The most rich singer in our Arab world for beauty is Farid al-Atrash (Jamil Jamal / Maloosh example / Believe the one who said / like a deer), and (Oh beautiful, oh beautiful, oh beautiful).. Once Farid al-Atrash started singing from absolute to relative, and that was in 1970 When Georgina was crowned and deservedly deserved, he was awarded the title of Miss Universe. Farid sang her name (Georgina Georgina / Habeinaki Habina) and he used to repeat it among his friends, but during the implementation of his last film (A tune in my life), which was shown in 1975 – a year after Farid’s departure – he agreed with The Lebanese poet, Tawfiq Barakat, changed the words to become (Habeina Habeina / Habeinaki Habeina), which, as you can see, are just words that do not carry any depth, and because of the beauty of the melody, they were given an overwhelming success.

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In the events of the film, Farid sang it to Mervat Amin, while Hussein Fahmy’s looks at (The Cadre) almost killed Farid with jealousy and envy.

Beauty is definitely not enough, and even in front of the camera there are faces that beauty makes peace with and others quarrel with it. Georgina tried a lot with her and was assigned to star in three films (Guitar of Love), (By Bye, Sweet) and (The Queen and I).

He answered me: When I apologized in the last moments for directing the movie (The Sinners), the story of Naguib Mahfouz, the screenwriter and producer of the film Mamdouh Al-Leithi tried to persuade him to change his mind, but he stuck to his position and directed the film instead of Saeed Marzouk, and it became one of the most important films in Egyptian cinema. Apology, he received a call from Beirut inviting him to come immediately because he was going to direct the movie (The Queen and I) starring Georgina Rizk, so he could not help but acquiesce.

Yes, beauty has power, but its most important characteristic is that it transcends all cultures, races, languages ​​and religions!