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Nové vozy Siemens-Škoda. Pramen: České dráhy

CT: Up to 40% of managers will leave the Czech Railways, and the big cut will begin in the middle of the year

The organizational structure of Czech Railways has to be greatly simplified, in many cases by up to three levels.

Planned iterations in eské dráhy have begun to take concrete form. The state transportation company management has already sent trade unions their idea of ​​the regulatory changes, which are scheduled to take place from July 1. to me Czech television It would mean a cut of up to 40% of managers.

“If we do not want to lose a fifth of the market within two years, it is necessary to create a new organizational structure by July 1 that is faster and achieves savings in wage costs.” Ivan Bidnarik, chairman of the Czech Railways Corporation, said in a video to the employees. A similar reduction in personnel has occurred at D Cargo in the past.

“We live in our world and still go the way we did 15-30 years ago, and we have never tried to learn that some things can be done differently. Gone are the days that it doesn’t matter if a coworker has been for two hours and played solitaire for two. three hours “. He says in the video Bednárik. At the same time, he indicates that he is aware of the big differences in employee performance and commitment to the job.

The cuts will mainly affect the General Directorate, which in the past has also become a repository for a number of unsuccessful politicians and MPs, especially from the Ministry of Transport.

Cooper has been talking about impeachment since he took office. The administration wants to save about 7 percent on the cost. Instead of up to seven stages of management, a maximum of four stages should be established. According to Bednárik, it could be 30 or 40 percent of managers. “As a matter of priority, we must preserve the functionality of the whole. So as not to prevent passengers from going to work, going to school, or visiting a doctor,Bednrick said.

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The Czech Railways has learned of losing a number of bids in the past six months. expires in R23 line from Colin to Usti nad Labem, Leave Other lines in the Liberec area, Lost The locals run Pošumava.

“If we don’t do anything about it this year, no one will do anything about itBednárik tells staff in a video.