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Cupra Born production has already started.  It is built by the largest electric car manufacturer in Europe

Cupra Born production has already started. It is built by the largest electric car manufacturer in Europe

Born is a sports hatchback with an electric motor with a power of 170 kW. This technology is based on the Volkswagen ID 3, but the Bourne differs in many ways.

Cobra enters a new era of existence. It began production of its first production electric car, the Born Model. The compact hatchback will not be the only model on offer, the Cobra has already announced that in 2024 it will begin production of large electric SUVs based on the Tavaskan concept.

Production of the new Cupry has started In the German Zwickau factoryToday, it is the largest manufacturer of electric cars in Europe. Up to 1,400 electric cars are manufactured here every day, so the annual production capacity is about 330 thousand. In addition to Born, the Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4 and Audi Q4 e-tron, including a Sportback derivative version, are also built at the plant that produces exclusively electric cars.

Burning Cobra Similar to these models, it uses the modular MEB platform developed specifically for electric vehicles, and technically specifically, it is based on the Volkswagen ID.3 model. However, it differs from it in some respects, and we are not just talking about a distinctive design.

The new hatchback is sportier, so it doesn’t lack a more efficient braking system or wider tires with a tread width of 235 mm for extra 20-inch wheels. ESC Sport with improved brake control characteristics.

The Cupra Born will be offered in two power variants, 110 kW and 150 kW. However, for a more powerful derivative, it will also be possible to order the e-Boost package, which will increase power up to 170 kW.

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Although Born is the first serial electric car at the Cupry show, it certainly isn’t the last. For 2024, the Tavascan large SUV has already been confirmed, as well as there is talk of an electric city car, which this year Announcing the UrbanRebel concept. They can be produced at its main plant in Martorell, where the Spanish automaker aspires to produce up to half a million electric cars annually as of 2025. Specifically, they are meant to be urban models of the various brands involved.