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Cyrine Abdel Nour reveals for the first time her true age.. you will never expect it!  - Norte newspaper

Cyrine Abdel Nour reveals for the first time her true age.. you will never expect it! – Norte newspaper

The Lebanese actress has disbanded Cyrine Abdel Nour guest on the programLive from the duplex‘, presented by the famous doll Apple Fajita, on Channel employmentAnd the episode witnessed many funny situations between “Siren” and Apple FajitaAnd comedic situations about the scenes of her acting career.

periods Cyrine Abdel Nour The meaning of her name goes back to French origins, meaning little witches who live in trees, and the name of the pampered name for her name is “Sisou”.

As for her real age, the Lebanese star revealed her for the first time during the “Caro Doll” segment, where she said that she was born in February 1977 and she is now 44 years old, and Caro petted his son. Apple Fajita “Why did you get mad at me?”

The latest appearance of the Lebanese artist Cyrine Abdel Nour – program Live from the duplex With Apple Fajita

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interval Cyrine Abdel Nour An embarrassing situation happened between her husband Farid Rahmy and the star Tamer Hosny during his visit toLebanonShe invited him to dinner, and then Tamer asked her about her husband’s name, and she told him that he was “unique”, and Tamer forgot the name several times, and each time she told him, “My husband’s name is Farid” and told him to remember Farid al-Atrash so that she would not forget, and when Tamer arrived at the restaurant and met her husband, he said to him: Hello Professor Abdel Halim.

During the episode, she did not disclose Cyrine Abdel Nour About the age of the star Najwa KaramAnd she was punished for performing a scene with one of the guests, about a wife whose husband asks her for a divorce, and she imitated Al-Shahroura Sabah after she refused to answer the question, “Who is the best star I have with him?”

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as directed Apple Fajita A question within the game “Question and Punishment” by the artist Cyrine Abdel Nour About “Who is the actress who was more beautiful before plastic surgery?” To be surprised, she refuses to answer and chooses the punishment, which was dancing 10 Baladi with Shakira’s belt.

and .chart Cyrine Abdel Nour, that the most difficult thing he faced during her career as a model was her running at the same pace without change or renewal, and during the training period and the preparations she put on her head to maintain her balance while presenting the fashion show.

The program “Live from Duplexes” is broadcast in its current season, on Thursday and Friday of every week, at 11 pm on the channel. employment.

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