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Czech BMW i4 Car of the Year from Hunza Kubik's point of view

Czech BMW i4 Car of the Year from Hunza Kubik’s point of view

But did you know? We don’t really need to talk about the bow anymore, if it really bothers you, you can do nothing about it, if you are indecisive, just order the car with dark paint and with a black parcel. Personally, I’m used to that ancestor, and even if I don’t say the Bavarian is beautiful with it, I don’t think it’s scary at all. However, it is still talked about, which can be a success in itself.

Of course, there is also talk of the fact that this electric i4 outperforms all other internal combustion cars. Some debaters accused the judges of bribery or perhaps compromising “Brussels”, according to an article on the results of the Car of the Year poll, conspiracy theories proliferated.

Personally, I did not put the BMW i4 in first place, but only in third, but there are many judges and most of them simply give a few extra points to the electric Bavarian. I borrowed a stronger version of her to see if she really deserved her title.

The battery with a usable capacity of 80.7 kWh means a trouble-free operating radius of at least 400 km even during very fast driving, about 500 km during the quietest driving. It also means 550kg on top, but because it’s bolted to the floor platform, it also means a 34mm lower center of gravity and a 15% increase in torsional platform stiffness.

Of course, there are a few loose ends, convenient snags and similar little things, but you’ll find that with me in the video.