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Czech Datio has tripled his campaign revenue and is now heading to Slovakia

Czech Datio has tripled his campaign revenue and is now heading to Slovakia

Every credit card holder’s purchase reveals something. The more data, the better the awareness of a person’s interests. Turning this information into a comprehensive user profile – anonymous of course – has proven to be an interesting business plan in our region. The Czech Dateio, which focuses on so-called card-related marketing, tripled its campaign revenue last year and plans to attack the 100 million kroner cap with them this year. Also due to the fact that it is currently expanding into Slovakia.

a program Datio It offers people rewards for purchasing a card directly in mobile banking. On the other hand, companies promise higher spending or acquisition of new customers. In the Czech Republic, it is used by Unicredit, Airbank and Česká spořitelna for their clients. It was with Česká spořitelna’s parent company, Erste Group, Datio that recently launched a refund program for Slovenská spořitelna customers as well.

As a result, payment card-related marketing campaigns have reached more than 2.5 million customers in Czech and Slovakia. “In all the countries in which we operate, ie in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, we are the only platform for card-related marketing, and overall we are among the largest in Europe. Our partner offerings now reach over 3.4 million customers,” says Ondřej Knot, co-founder of Startup Dateio.

At the same time, he adds, Erste is a strategic partner of the company, and thus Slovakia became the first country where cooperation through the group’s central solution began. “Integration has been more difficult than we expected, but it will be easier to open up other common markets.” Knot thought. Joint activities are now expanding across other countries. “We are already in advanced negotiations with other banks in the designated countries,” Add.

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Last year, Datio ranked Deloitte as one of the fastest growing companies in the region in the Fast 50 rating. An example of the success of fintech startups in collaborating with banks is that in addition to Erste, Air Bank previously invested in it. “We believe Datio has already become a leader in the region and perhaps in Europe in due course, so we have secured our efforts. We are working together to expand Datia to all our markets and make the new service available to all of our customers,” said Martin Kobza, Director of Digital Initiatives at Erste Group.

Startup originally wanted to launch its platform in Austria last year as well, but that failed. However, in the past year the number of users has increased by 87 percent and the monthly number of active users has more than tripled. The income of partners (i.e. companies) from card-related marketing experienced the same growth. “The strength of our platform is the ability to segment campaigns based on real consumer behavior and thus protect our margins,” says Knot.

This is because specific traders can reach people who they know are interested in their goods or services. In turn, users see bonuses in mobile banking – usually in the George app if we stick to the Erste group – and this should excite them. After activating the bonus and paying by card, the bonus is automatically added to the account in terms of cashback.

Among the stores that offer bonuses, for example, Albert, Knihy Dobrovský, Pilulka or CZC, there are more than 100 partners together. In Slovakia, more than 80 brands have joined the program since its inception, including Lidl, ÖMV, NAY Elektrodom, Panta Rhei and 101 Drogerie. The platform reaches nearly one million customers in the country.

Its development in our country is influenced by the fact that payment cards are generally the most popular means of payment for the Czechs, and with the spread of the epidemic, interest in them has also increased. According to a survey conducted by the Czech Banking Association, it is clear that people prefer contactless payments in recent months, and some have even reduced their ATM withdrawals because they were afraid of cash or simply did not need it at all.

Datio wants to expand to other European countries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the second half of the year, it plans to launch its platform in the already mentioned Austria, as well as in Croatia and Hungary. In all of these countries, it will be the first company to offer this service.