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Czech-Finland mutual balance in the World Hockey Championship


The quarter-final match between the Czech Republic and Finland will take place on Thursday 3 June at 7:15 pm at the Riga Arena where Finland played all group matches. Sumy only lost seven matches once, which is surprising against Kazakhstan. Matches with Latvia and Canada were decided in overtime, respectively. in raids.

The Czechs entered the tournament with a loss to Russia and Switzerland, but then won five games in a row and finished third in the group. Coach Besan’s men also had two wins in the tournament – they defeated Belarus in overtime, and Denmark in raids.

The World Cup quarter-final matches between the Czech Republic and Finland will start at 19:15 CET

The national team of the independent Czech Republic met Finland for the first time in April 1993 at the World Championships in Dortmund. The Czechs won 3: 1, and the goal was also scored by the current co-hockey broadcaster, Martin Hostak.

2021 World Hockey Championship

The World Hockey Championship is underway From May 21 to June 6 in Latvia. Riga hosts all group stage and qualifier matches. The Czech team advanced from Group A from third place, and in the quarter-finals it plays with Finland, which is defending the gold medal. The Czechs will try to improve fourth place.

As part of the World Championships, the Czechs and Finland competed a total of 22 times, and the Czech team rejoiced 14 times. Both teams played the quarter-finals only twice (2010 and 2015), in both cases the Czech team won.

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The mutual balance between the Czech Republic and Finland at the World Hockey Championship

Date venue, theatre calendar
25.4.1993 Dortmund, group Czech 3: 1 Finland
25.4.1994 Kanazei, group Czech 4: 4 Finland
23.4.1995 Stockholm, group Czech 3: 0 Finland
5.5.1995 Stockholm, semi-finals Czech 0:3 Finland
23.4.1996 Vienna, group Czech 4: 2 Finland
27.4.1997 Helsinki, group Czech 2: 1 Finland
12.5.1998 Zurich, semi-finals Czech 1: 4 Finland
14.5.1998 Zurich, semi-finals Czech 2: 2 Finland
15.5.1999 Lillehammer, 1 final Czech 3: 1 Finland
16.5.1999 Lillehammer, Final Two Czech 1: 4 (1: 0) Finland
7.5.2000 Saint Petersburg, round of 16 Czech 4: 6 Finland
13.5.2001 Hanover, final Czech 3: 2pp Finland
30.4.2003 torko, group Czech 2: 1 Finland
9.5.2006 Riga, group Czech 3: 3 Finland
20.5/2006 Riga, semi-finals Czech 3: 1 Finland
29/4/2009 gluten, group Czech 3: 4 Finland
20.5/2010 Cologne, quarter-finals Czech 2: 1sn Finland
4.5.2011 Bratislava, group Czech 2: 1 Finland
20.5/2012 Helsinki, Bronze Czech 3: 2 Finland
24.5.2014 Minsk, semi-finals Czech 0:3 Finland
14.5.2015 Prague, quarter-finals Czech 5:3 Finland
8.5.2017 Paris group Czech 4: 3sn Finland

The quarter-final duel of the tournament in Germany is unforgettable, since the Czechs decided to advance to the semi-finals only in raids. At the time, the team relied on goalkeeper Vokoun and successful enforcers Lukasz Kaspar and Jan Marek. The Czechs achieved their last golden success at the World Championships a few days later.

The top scorer of matches against Finland in the World Championship is Jerry Dupita with four goals and three goals scored by Jaromir Jager, Martin Proczaska, Frantisek Caperli and Jan Kovac.

The last match between the two teams was the one played at the Czech Hockey Games on May 12, 2021 when the Czechs won 2:1.