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Czech high school students won a gold medal at the European Experimental Science Olympiad

Czech high school students won a gold medal at the European Experimental Science Olympiad

Unlike other similar Olympic Games, the European Olympiad for Experimental Sciences (EOES) is a mixture of three science disciplines: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. According to Hradec Králové University, the three-member composition of the teams and the nature of the tasks correspond to this.

Jan Koch of UHK, who also serves as the national coordinator for the competition, described, “The tasks of the Olympic Games are hands-on, intellectually demanding and require a great deal of teamwork.”

Do 17 left

Team members are selected from the winners of the national rounds of the Olympics, and none of them may be over 17 years of age at the time of the event.

“One of the goals of these competitions is to develop young scientific talents. Preparation also includes focus or homework,” Keys explained. According to him, many laureates subsequently study at prestigious universities, often abroad, and pursue scientific careers.

Hungarians succeeded more than others

In general, the students of Hungary are now the most successful, with two teams from this country reaching the gold medal.

Next year, Hradec Kralove University will host the All-European Science Olympiad. According to him, members of the UHK local science faculty, where Kříž serves as dean, have long been involved in nurturing young scientific talents, especially in the field of physics.

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