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Czech hockey suffered twenty 0:7 defeats with the Americans in the World Cup

Czech hockey suffered twenty 0:7 defeats with the Americans in the World Cup

Czech hockey twentieth lost to the United States at the World Championships in Edmonton 0: 7, although they tied until the 26th minute. After the third game in the group, he remained at three points. In order to advance to the quarter-finals, you must score at least one point in the final appearance against Austria.

And the rookies didn’t follow through on Monday’s win over Russia 2:0. Instead, they remembered the 1:7 initial hit from Sweden.

Trevor Zegras shined with five points for two goals and three assists, and Spencer Knight kept a clean sheet.

The Americans took their first big chances in the fourth minute. Berrard first advanced in front of Paris, but did not shoot him. In the work in progress, Captain York finished the barrier in front of the Czech goal area with a shot to the top post. Mlinick’s selection was also defended while Rashke was fired, just as the Americans fought back without problems while Johnson was on the bench.

In the 12th minute, Coffield hit the left crossbar. The Czechs had their biggest chance at the end of the preliminary segment, when it wasn’t enough to channel Rashik’s back pass into Tepli’s goal.

At the beginning of the second part, goalkeeper Knight covered the end of Vitosh with a fist. The Americans responded with a thrust, and Báczyk covered Poldi’s hidden bullet with a trap. After that, Mužík threatened, but in the 26th minute he managed to open the score to the opponent. Berard’s shot fell behind Pařík, and the disc was still trying to move away from Klikorek’s goal area, but Brink pushed him into the goal at the right post. Novak was able to answer, but Knight muted his attempt.

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In a four-on-four match, Turcot got the Americans’ chance first, and in the 34th minute added Zegras, who ended up from the right circle into an empty goal after a superb pass from Throne. In two and a half minutes, Beyners found Princa in the goal area, who easily scored his second goal in the match and in the tournament. He can come down warm before stopping.

In the 47th minute, Zagras hit the right ring and scored his fifth goal in the tournament. During Jiříček’s sentence, Kaliev scored from the left circle and the Americans took advantage of two more matches of strength.

While Koffer remained on the bench, Paris lined up among the concrete of Caufield. And in exactly one minute, during the penalty kick on the Czech bench, he scored with a brilliant trick that ends with a hockey stick between Boldi’s legs. Malik stood in the goal and did not collect until the end of the match. With the help of Zagras’ shot in the 54th minute, the rod helped him.

Ice Hockey World U-20 Championships in Edmonton:

Group B:

CR – US 0:7 (0:0, 0:3, 0:4)

Goals and scoring: 26. Brink (Berard), 34. Zegras (Thron), 36. Brink (Beniers, Johnson), 47. Zegras (Faber, York), 49. Kaliev (York, Zegras), 51. Coffield (Zegras, York), 51. Boldy (Zegrass, Caufield). Judges: Campbell, Sandlac-Manila, Aucoin (all were.). Exclusion: 7:2, plus Svozil (Czech Republic) 10 minutes. Usage: 0:3. No spectators.

Czech Republic: Paík (52. Malík) – Krutil, Kučeřík, Haš, Svozil, Jiříček, Klikorka, Kubíček – Teplý, Myšák, Lang – M. Beránek, D. Vitouch, Mužík – P. Novák, Gut, A. Raška – Richlowski, A. Starman, Coffer-F. Becquerel. Coach: Karel Mlink.

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USA: Knight – Sanderson, Hilson, Faber, York, R. Johnson, Throne, Lacombe-Calief, Turcot, Zegras-Caufield, Beners, Bolde-Brink, Farinacci, Berard-Moynihan, Slaggert, Bryson-Collaniello. Trainer: Nate Lyman.


1. Sweden 2 2 11:1 6
2. United States of America 3 2 1 21:5 6
3. mask 2 1 1 5: 5 3
4. Commercial Record 3 1 2 3:14 3
5. Austria 2 2 0:15