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Czech start-up fireball has already won 20 million crowns on Dragon's Lyre mobile phone

Czech start-up fireball has already won 20 million crowns on Dragon’s Lyre mobile phone

A year ago, they were successful at Kickstarter, where they got their first investors from fantastic investors, and the start of Czech fireball this year has not diminished. 25-year-old designer John Rose claims to have won millions more crowns for the mobile version of the world-famous Dungeons & Dragons, which was a lie model of the famous dragon in the Czech Republic and has been tested by thousands of players.

Anyone who has ever played Dragon Lie knows that this is a classic table, for which you need not only certain features, but also knowledge of the general rules to fully immerse yourself in this game of fantasy heroes. Since this is a game that often lasts for hours, John Roose, who knows himself well, decided to try to combine a better classic with modern technology to soften the game.

People have been playing dungeons and dragons for fifty years because it is a game with endless possibilities. You can do anything with it. You have amazing adventures with friends who are always different. This game is social and teaches people to work as a team. We’re working to simplify and prioritize the concept of mobile devices, “ The founder explains Fireball Jane Rose.

Mobile Dungeons & Dragons will attract attention from the beginning. Startup Fireball was founded in 2019 by a young designer who joined him last year Kickstarter was able to impress the general gaming audienceIt has received nearly 1.6 million crowns and investors believe in its vision. At the beginning of the community He sent millions of crowns to Zee Hlavenko and co-founder Oliver DlowThen they became more, and now new names have been added to them.

One of his other goals is to find a new home chest of fireball, followed by Ventures He stands with his fellow Balefire Capitalist David Shika. The last topic also includes John Ilovsky, co-founder of the game Pete Sauber, who specializes in virtual reality. It has already sold more than 4 million units. Together, they are investing more than 10 million crowns in a new investment round in a young company.

Including previous investments, Fireball has already received a total of $ 20 million. “We are pleased to respond to this project by David Cisco and John Ilovske. Their experience helps us to move forward with fireball.” Commentary on obtaining additional capital from Jean-Rosie. Thanks to these investments, the development of the mobile application undergoing successful alpha testing will also progress.

In the alpha version, Fireball has already tested 3,000 testers, mostly from the United States, and they have received an enthusiastic response, the company chairman said. “This is a new concept in mobile gaming. We set out on an unexplored journey and learned a lot.” Thanks to the new investment, John Roos agrees to expand the dungeons and dragons community in Western countries, adding additional features to the app.

“Some investments take a long time to complete, others only a few minutes. Fireball is the second case. It was enough for me to see the team, a few numbers, and the product. It was immediately clear that I should support such an interesting project. There are a number of such on mobile devices.” Games are very rare, which is definitely a shame. I hope Fireball will find plenty of loyal players who will undertake amazing adventures in it. “ John Ilavske is sure.

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David Davitska, who works at Purpose Ventures Fund, is also more confident in the local gaming business. After betting, start Akkomanko A Another domestic company is Encapate Already a third investment in the short term. Even in the mobile world, Shika finds meaning in fireball that playing Dungeons & Dragons can strengthen social ties.

“D&D is not about playing against each other or” killing time “by tapping fallen dice. Making and facilitating playing. Listed by David Cisco.

John Rose, co-founder and CEO of Game Startup Fireball

Photo: Fireball

Currently, ten experienced players from companies such as Bohemia Interactive, Cushion, Fitfi or Spacenow are developing an experienced mobile “dragon”, often referred to as Dragon’s liar and similar games. Roose worked on the latter and also on databreakers or Tatrip, where, like Fireball, he also worked on creating user interfaces. Now he is looking for other colleagues because he wants to work on the development of artificial intelligence.

Right now, they are playing fireball, the artificial intelligence known as the Lord of the Cave, the English Dungeon Master, which is an essential part of the whole game and they control it. In the future, AI could do this role perfectly if it could create the whole adventure on its own, but local developers are not yet here.