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Czechs prefer mainly plant-based products and milk alternatives

Czechs prefer mainly plant-based products and milk alternatives

According to its spokeswoman Denisa Morgenstein, online store recorded 70 percent annual growth in the “vegetable” category last year. According to her, people buy soy and almond milk the most.

According to her, oat or pea milk is also becoming more popular. “The demand for ready-made vegetarian meals is constantly increasing,” she said.

In recent years, Albert Stores has been following the growing popularity of meat-free products, as well as the growing range of alternative sources of plant-based proteins, said Jiří Mareček, Director of Store Communications.

According to him, the category of burger alternatives is growing faster.

“The motivation behind an alternative diet without meat is often a concern for the environment and a reduced carbon footprint. This is also confirmed by increased sales of tofu and other plant-based proteins in various types. From the vegan category, herbal dairy or various flour alternatives are popular.”

According to him, Albert also participated in the program focused on vegan products ProVeg Veggie Challenge.

According to her spokeswoman Renata Mayrel, Kaufland offers vegan products from various brands and puts them under its own brand.

“K-take it veggie is not only a substitute for meat products, such as burgers and ground meat, but also herbal and vegetable drinks, cooking creams and so-called chopping are very popular,” she said. According to her, herbal drinks are the best seller.

Unlike most vegetable products, which are made on the basis of strawberries on the basis of soybeans, these Emco products, as the name implies, are peas.

Strawberry assumes that switching to a plant-based diet will not be a temporary trend, but a long-term change in consumer behaviour.