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Dacia transformation complete.  It has a new logo and colors and wants to be closer to nature

Dacia transformation complete. It has a new logo and colors and wants to be closer to nature

Dacia’s transition to a new visual identity is complete. Last year, the Romanian automaker introduced a new logo and color scheme, and now the logo is used directly on cars for the first time. All lines of the model will receive an emblem at once, besides, the radiator grille has been slightly changed and other minor changes have been added.

The new logo appears on the entire Dacia model line a year after the Romans first introduced it. Then the car manufacturer marks it with a Dacia Link, the logo in any case is axial symmetric and represents the letters “DC”. Visually, they resemble links in a chain, which, according to Dacia, is supposed to symbolize the connection between them and customers. Previously, a tag appeared where the full name of the manufacturer was written.

“The unveiling of all Dacia models with a new visual identity is the third and final stage in the launch of the new strategy (Earlier, the logo began to appear on brochures or press releases and in the brand’s showrooms – editor’s note)which started more than a year ago”, says Denis Le Vot, President of Dacia. He also added that the changes are in line with the brand’s values: simplicity, durability and originality.

Already last year, when Dacia revealed a new logo and new colors, Dacia emphasized the greater connection between its cars and nature. One reason is that this is where her models feel their best. The transition to a “greener” and more natural identity is also evidenced by the new khaki body tone, referred to as Lichen, which can also be seen in promotional photos of the entire model line with the new logo. In connection with this, it is worth noting the transformation of the entire face mask with white elements, in proportion to the new white logo.

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A keen eye will definitely notice other subtle changes. On the steering wheel and trunk lid on all models there is a new inscription “Dacia” in a modified font, corresponding to the new logo. The Duster and Sandero Stepway have roof rails, mirror caps and the centers of both fenders in the new Monolith hood, and the popular SUV is fitted with new interior vents. These correspond to the well-known model of Renault Duster, which is shown in Brazil, for example, and until recently it was also sold in Russia. None of the Dacia will have chrome decorative elements either.

It will be able to order models bearing the new logo – as well as the newly named trim levels – possible on June 16, but those interested will see them live at the Paris Motor Show in the second half of October at the earliest. The innovative cars will appear in dealerships at the end of this year.

Another change applies to the entire model range. From 2023, all Dachis will have a limited top speed of 180 km/h. This is a step that Renault management is talking about for the first time In April of last year.