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ديلى ميل: الجيش البريطانى يحظر استخدام تطبيق "واتس آب" خوفا من تجسس روسيا

Daily Mail: British Army bans use of WhatsApp for fear of spying on Russia

The British newspaper The Daily Mail reports that the British military has banned the use of WhatsApp for fear of hacking a Russian site to obtain sensitive information..

The newspaper points out that all individuals, from senior officers to junior players, should stop using the telephone messaging service for business purposes or face disciplinary action..

A Defense Ministry document confirming the ban last night said there were “significant security concerns” over the use of the “WhatsApp” app..

The order comes into effect shortly after the Daily Mail reported over the weekend that Russia was using UK mobile data to identify targets for airstrikes in Ukraine..

A ship missile attack on a training camp for foreign fighters began last Sunday, killing 35 people and wounding 134 others..

The newspaper added that senior government ministers may now be under more pressure to stop using the application for official business..

The site is used by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of the Interior, and their contacts may be targeted by the Kremlin..

Last night, the developers of the processor insisted that the “end of encryption” system was secure and that private messages and calls could not be intercepted by governments..

But security sources said British and US intelligence officials had intercepted WhatsApp calls and tracked down those who had sent messages for national security purposes. Russia is likely to have the same capability.

Significantly, due to such serious security concerns, Boris Johnson is believed to be a regular user of WhatsApp..

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In 2020, he faced criticism over allegations that he had spoken on stage with the head of state of a country.

An official document from the Ministry of Defense, seen in the Daily Mail, reads: “Directory: Due to significant security concerns, all Army personnel should immediately stop using WhatsApp for work-related communications.”