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Is Prince Harry looking for extra work because of Megan Markle's extravagance?

Daily Mail: People close to Prince Harry say his memoirs “shake the monarchy”

Prince Harry’s forthcoming memoirs seem to “shake the monarchy”, with close friends of the Duke of Sussex expressing the royal family’s concern over the 14 14.7 million he received, particularly its author JR Moringer. An account of all the adventures, and the losses and life lessons that Prince Harry lived with his family, which contributed to the formation of his current personality.

His friends warned that his banned book would reveal his true feelings for his stepmother Camila, Duchess of Cornwall.

In a video chat with rugby star Gareth Thomas from his Los Angeles mansion, Camilla turned down the Duchess of Cornwall award after promising to continue Princess Diana’s “unfinished” work on fighting HIV “AIDS”. And his father’s wife, Prince Charles, the title of Queen.

According to the British Daily Mail, during a 30-minute call with former Wales captain Thomas to celebrate National HIV Test Week, the Duke of Sussex urged Britons to “go and get tested” for the disease.

Prince Harry described himself as a “model guy” who likes to “fix things”.

In a video call from his California mansion, the Lord of Sussex said of his late mother: “I could not fill her place, especially in this place, but what she did, what she did, how loud she was. .This issue, these different areas meet.” .

The two discussed how the normalization of HIV testing could help achieve the goal of ending new HIV cases in the UK by 2030..