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Daimler has accelerated the transition to electrification, by no more than a trillion

Car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz said it and its partners are building eight new battery plants. The automaker is accelerating the transition to electric propulsion, and it will be fully electric by 2030. However, it has not set a date for stopping the sale of fossil-fueled cars.

We should divert the debate as to when the last internal combustion engine was manufactured, said Ola Kllenius, Daimler, because it is inappropriate. The question, he added, is how quickly can we achieve 100% electrification and we are focused on that.

Daimler predicts that from 2025, electric and hybrid vehicles will make half of sales. Pre-forecasts for 2030.

The automaker has introduced three electric platforms, one for cars, one for trucks, and one for high-performance cars. It will be launched in 2025. Daimler will buy the British company YASA, which will contribute to the development of high-performance electric motors.

Some automakers like Volvo Cars will be running on pure electric power by 2030 (more in the line: Custom Volvo with its own software and superior batteries). It took other automakers, such as US General Motors, another five years, according to Reuters. A few days ago, the Volkswagen Group presented a revised strategy for the transition to electric propulsion (TT here).

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