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Dalia Naim.. International newspapers reveal her true image before breast and lip augmentation!

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homeland- The name of the Iraqi media, Dalia Naim, topped the international newspapers after she underwent 43 plastic surgeries to look like the famous Barbie doll.

The newspaper publishedThe Sun” And the”Daily StarThe two Britons, a report on the details of the operations that Dalia Naim performed, in addition to her pictures before she underwent these operations.

“Evil Barbie”

The “Daily Star” newspaper indicated that Dalia Naim, known as the Iraqi Barbie, made about 43 cosmetic procedures to resemble the famous doll.

Dalia Naim went on a round of plastic surgery to transform herself into a Barbie

Now, the 29-year-old from the capital, Baghdad, has raised eyebrows with a video showing her face, the newspaper wrote.

And in the footage, Dalia Naim appears, standing next to the makeup artist, who says: “You look very beautiful, my dear. Like Barbie.”

43 plastic surgeries

With her small nose, bushy eyebrows, and plump lips, Dalia replies, “Your makeup is Barbie.”

It is believed that she underwent 43 plastic surgeries in an attempt to become a real-life Barbie doll.

Dalia Naim before plastic surgery

Reportedly, her monthly procedures included lip fillers and breast augmentation surgery.

1 million followers

Dalia is a presenter and actress who has starred in highly acclaimed plays and television shows in her home country, according to the newspaper.

It boasts just under a million followers on Instagram Instagram.

The 29-year-old is said to have undergone 43 operations

Commenting on the video, one social media user wrote: “Evil Barbie.”

While another added: “Zombie.”

She embarked on lip fillers and breast augmentation surgery

She is not alone

Dalia isn’t the only woman who likes Barbie so much that she wants to look like a doll.

Previously, a woman spent £50,000 to become a Barbie, and she won’t stop her procedures.

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Nel Peralta is living her “cosmetic dream”, after getting jobs with lip fillers, facial fillers and botox jobs.

I’ve also had a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), and three rounds of liposuction.

TV presenter

It is worth noting that Naeem was born in Baghdad, and lives in the Adhamiya area, and after her father died, she lived with her mother.

Naeem started her career as a presenter on the MBC channel.

After her participation in presenting the programmes, she acted as an actress in many Iraqi plays, including: “Watermelon in Mars”, “Baba inherited Kharaba”, “Fawzi knocked our door” in 2017, “He inherited an Egyptian”.

In 2014, Dalia won the title of the best female journalist in Iraq.

Naim also enjoys a wide audience in Iraq, and has many fans.

“before and after”

Pictures of Dalia are always circulated, showing the big changes in her appearance before and after plastic surgery.

And the Iraqi broadcaster previously indicated, in an interview with her on the Samarra satellite channel last May, that she had performed the first plastic surgery on her nose 4 or 5 years ago, followed by three other operations.

She said at the time that she was convinced of herself, and that social media pioneers always gossip about anything.