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Dancer Dina submits a proposal to end the crisis of festival singers

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In light of the escalation of the crisis between festival singers and the Syndicate of Musical Professions headed by artist Hani Shaker, after the latter’s decisions to ban 20 of them from singing, in addition to withdrawing the annual license from Hassan Shakoush on the background of his abuse of the category of drummers and his disagreement with his colleague Reda El Bahrawy in their concert on the North Coast several months ago. .

Shaker’s decisions sparked controversy among the public between supporters and opponents, but the crisis worsened, yesterday, Friday, after businessman Naguib Sawiris collided with the Syndicate of Musical Professions in a telephone interview on the air, and his assertion that what Shaker had done against festival singers was not appropriate. He said, “God does not forgive cutting off livelihoods,” which prompted Shakir to attack him after Sawiris taunted him by saying, “I don’t hear him at all,” which prompted the captain to respond to him: “Mishrafnish, you hear me.”

For her part, the dancer Dina said that she is presenting a proposal to solve the current crisis, which is to include festival singers under the “Monologue” division, because the latter is known for not having a strong voice, but the meanings of the words of his songs express the street, as evidenced by her words by saying: “Let us remember Soraya Helmy and Ismail Yassin. And Adel Al-Far, their songs represented the street and the people.”

“Dina” added, in statements to the newspaper “Al-Watan”: If we classify the festival singers under the “monologue” division, and then take tests to join this division, this will not harm the rap in anything, because there is a vast difference between the singer and the monologist, the first is the one who sings His listeners, while the second presents his songs from the reality of his community, and so on.

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When asked about her position on Hassan Shakoush after his insulting to the category of drummers, by saying, “The drummers have a daughter with the appearance of a dancer,” she replied: First, this is not an insult to the drummers, but to the dancers, and by virtue of his apology for this sentence, God pardoned the foregoing because “there are no sons of Adam who are wrong,” and about myself. I don’t have a crisis with him since he apologized for what he said.

Dina confirmed that her proposal includes the category of rappers, but in a different way, explaining: “If we talk about Wiggs, Marwan Pablo and other rappers, these are classified as Western singers, because they sing in Arabic in the Western way.”

“Dina” stressed her understanding of the state of anger that is controlling the artist Hani Shaker at the present time, stressing: “He sees that it is not reasonable for one who does not want to be a singer and remains a singer, and he is absolutely right in this, because he is the son of the profession of singing and rapture that he grew up in years ago. And he has overwhelming popularity in Egypt and the Arab world, and I saw for myself the size of his popularity, for example, in Lebanon when I was with him there years ago, and therefore I think that the classification part is the solution to the current crisis.”