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Dani Alves’ trouble with the Spanish girl lasted 15 minutes

New information has emerged about the Brazilian soccer star “Dani Alves” Detained since Friday in a prison near Barcelona, ​​​​on charges of raping a 23-year-old Spanish girl, the judiciary prevented the publication of her name or photo in the local media, and she recounted that the veteran player assaulted her on the evening of last December 30 in the bathroom of a nightclub in the city.

And it became clear from the information published yesterday, Sunday, by the Spanish newspaper El Periódico, and confirmed by it after reviewing what a surveillance camera filmed inside the Sutton nightclub, described since its opening in 2001 as the favorite nightclub in Barcelona for the velvet celebrity community of Spaniards and foreigners, that Alves was alone with the girl for 15 minutes in the bathroom, This is what he confessed to the interrogators, thinking that it reinforces his story to them, that what happened between him and her after midnight “was done by mutual consent,” otherwise she would have cried for help during those minutes and asked for help.

As for the young woman, her story is different, and its summary is that he isolated her in the bathroom, attacked her, and managed to force her to practice what he wanted and intended. However, the court informed the day after his arrest that it did not want him “any financial compensation if he was convicted,” but rather punished him, so that it would be a lesson for others, according to what concluded from what was reported in Spanish and Brazilian media about the Alves case, the father of a son and a daughter from A Brazilian wife, who is currently 38 years old, is Dinora Santana, whom he married in 2008 and separated from her after 3 years of peaceful divorce.

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And according to what was reported by the Spanish broadcasting network SER, yesterday, Sunday, that Alves presented 3 different accounts about what happened in the famous nightclub, and he said in the first to a media outlet that he did not know the girl and did not remember anything about her, and he did not see her in his life, then he admitted the second to the TV program Y Ahora Sonsoles. He was at the nightclub with her, but he didn’t touch her. As for the third, Al-Sabbath mentioned to the investigators that what happened was with her consent in the bathroom shared between the sexes in the club, which we see something about in the video presented below.

Due to the large number of his stories and the contradictions in them, Judge Maria Concepción Martín ordered his arrest and imprisonment without the right to release him on bail, basing her decision on the fact that the young woman submitted her complaint immediately after what “happened” in the bathroom, when she informed the security team in the nightclub of what Alves did it to her, so the team contacted the police, who found that Dani Alves left the club before she reached him, so she recorded her statement as a victim, and transferred her to where she underwent a medical examination in a hospital in Barcelona, ​​​​and this proven information indicates that what happened was not with her consent, according to what is clear so far, otherwise When she filed a complaint against him minutes after he assaulted her.

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I lost the only two pillars of my life.

And the echo of what became clear reached the club that Alves joined, coming last July from the Spanish club Barcelona, ​​which is the Mexican Pumas Unam, where its president, Leopoldo Silva, held a press conference last Friday, in which he announced, according to what reported from what was broadcast by the agencies, He terminated his contract with his veteran international full-back “for a good reason”, as he was accused of sexually assaulting a girl.

Then, on Friday, he extended an extension to Elvis, who came to him from whom he married in 2017 and did not give birth to him yet, and she is the model born as Joana Sanz in the Spanish Canary Islands 29 years ago. About her husband, and published a picture of her hugging him and imprinting a kiss on his cheek.

She also broadcast a statement, in which she asked reporters besieging her house in Barcelona in search of information, to respect her privacy, and she said: “You know that my mother died a week ago, and that my husband is far from me now, and that I have lost the only two pillars of my life, so I have a little cooperation instead of searching for Al-Akhbar,” according to her expression, which did not convince anyone, but rather caught the attention of other correspondents, so they approached the vicinity of her house as well.