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Dani Alves’ wife asks for a divorce because he confessed to the investigators of her infidelity

A Spanish magazine confirmed, in exclusive news, that the wife of Brazilian football star Dani Alves, a model born as Joana Sanz in the Spanish Canary Islands, formally requested a divorce from him, after a complaint filed by a 23-year-old Spanish girl, in which she said that he assaulted her on December 30. The past is inside the bathroom of the famous Sutton disco in Barcelona, ​​​​and because of it, he has been held for 12 days in a prison near the city, awaiting the start of his trial, without the judiciary giving him the right to release him on bail.

The divorce request submitted by his 29-year-old wife, through a number of lawyers, was not based on the charge, which Alves denied, but rather on his confession of infidelity, by telling investigators that what “happened” in the bathroom of the nightclub took 15 minutes, according to what emerged from the camera. The internal control had a picture of him following her to him and then getting out of him. It was with the girl’s consent, not an attack on her. According to what was stated in “” in a previous reportHowever, what is new is what El Programa de Ana Rosa magazine said yesterday on its website about the request for divorce.

And the wife, who married him in 2017 and did not have a son from him yet, rushed last week to her album crowded on Instagram with more than 780,000 followers, and wrote what she defended him, and published a picture while she was hugging him and imprinting a kiss on his cheek, with the word “together” indicating it. to support him.

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However, the weight of his confession of her betrayal with the one she accused of assaulting her, and the amount of what critics on Facebook and Twitter rained on her for her complacency and her acceptance of the betrayal of her husband, who is ten years older than her, made her change her position and apply for separation from him by divorce, which was confirmed to the magazine by one of her lawyers. He also confirmed that she withdrew every photo of her with him from her accounts on the communication sites, and from “Instagram” in particular.