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Daniel Stachs and Gabriela Sihlalova of the Science Editor of Czech Television were awarded the Learner Society Medal - T24 - Czech Television

Daniel Stachs and Gabriela Sihlalova of the Science Editor of Czech Television were awarded the Learner Society Medal – T24 – Czech Television

“We were awarded the Medal of Merit for the Advancement of Science to Daniel Stach and Gabriela Sihlanova because Hyde Park civilization showTogether, they make an amazing contribution to the development and diffusion of science. While viewers see Daniel in the role of moderator, we who participated in the show also see Gabriella as a playwright whispering into his ear. “We both understand that they are on the same level, and therefore we give the award to both of them,” says Pavel Gongworth, president of the Learners Association.

Daniel Stach and Gabriela Sihlanova have been broadcasting Hyde Park Civilization since its inception in 2012. They are both members of separate science editorial boards for Czech TV, which was founded in 2016, and are the authors of two books – Hyde Park Civilization and Hyde Park Civilization 2. Science Weekly 24.

“Science is all around us.”

“We try to show that science surrounds us everywhere. We are very pleased that the scientists themselves are taking it by helping to advance science in the Czech Republic through the popularization of science,” says Daniel Stach, adding: “We can transport viewers to different corners of the scientific world. Which seems complicated by being part of the television audience. We have the opportunity to show how science affects our daily life and the world as a whole. “

Adds Gabriela Cihlářová: “The Medal of Merit for Science Development is an award for the entire Science Editorial Office. Thanks to him, we can present scientific research and scientific vision of the world every day in many forms on Czech TV Radio. Dan and I are just part of the team working on every broadcast. “

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‘Failure is out of the question’

Daniel Stach has been working with Czech television since 2010. He started as an editor for Hyde Park ČT24 and two years later he became director of the follow-up program Hyde Park Civilizace under the dramatic direction of Gabriela Cihlářová.

Stach has been awarded multiple times for his work. In 2016, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, as the youngest winner in history, awarded him the Vui Napierstique Medal for the Dissemination of Science, and in the same year he was awarded the Vaclav Havel Prize for his contribution to civil society. He is a recipient of the Journalist Quail Prize and in 2018 they launched asteroid number 93256, which orbits in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter. This year he also received the prestigious Ferdinand Beiruta Journalist Award for 2020.

Gabriela Sehlanova has been working for Czech TV since 2002. After her joining, she assisted in the extraordinary broadcast about the flood situation and has already stayed on the Czech TV. She has worked as a news editor, editor, and theater editor for news programs. For example, she was responsible for the live broadcast of Vaclav Havel’s state funeral.

The guest invitation to Hyde Park Civilization, which has already been visited by thirty Nobel Prize winners, follows the motto of Apollo 13 Flight Director Gene Kranz: “Failure is out of the question.” And you communicate with some of the guests for years before she can convince them. I discussed the first TV interview in Czech history with NASA with an astronaut in Earth orbit in a full year and a half.

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