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Dark green fall decoration fashion 2021-2022

Dark green fall decoration fashion 2021-2022

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The main color chosen for painting the room or for its furnishings plays a role in drawing a beautiful, striking and practical decorative panel. It also has effects on the psychology of the occupants of the room, according to the psychology of color, which makes some colors suitable for the kitchen, for example, excluded from the bedroom… In this context Green, regardless of its color gradation, seems a good choice in painting the walls and furnishings of the house, especially in the living room and bedroom And the kitchen.

Green is a desirable color in the bedroom
There are many uses of green in interior design, whether it is olive green, deep emerald green, or… Positive color is common in the place, when it is used in wall paint or in fabrics for curtains, pillows, tablecloths, bed covers and any other textiles that decorate the room… It shines in the rooms of the house, due to its soothing qualities that qualify it to be present in painting the walls of the bedroom, as well as in the living room and kitchen, where it relaxes the eye.

dark green paint Increase the value of the decoration

Interiors with colors and materials inspired by nature are at the forefront of the 2021-2022 décor trend; It is due to a desire to feel comfortable during the cold season. And if shades of green are always popular, then dark green is a favorite in the season’s fashion, and the latter has regained its popularity in the past few years, and appears frequently in fall decorations. It is easy to use color in any space by painting its walls with it or adding a piece of furniture that is colored with it, but in the latter case (dark green furniture), it is important that the wall paint is neutral, and the accessories are in earthy colors.
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Suitable colors with dark green

Dark green harmonizes in home decor, with yellow, for a color combination that catches the eye, or with pastel pink for lovers of calm colors, or with burgundy, or with red to draw a classic decorative palette, or even with other shades of green, or with beige for a perfect look In the fall.
In general, dark green harmonizes with light linen and natural wood, and thus the Scandinavian-style decor palette shines.

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