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Decay in the Czech Republic.  PES is dead, the packs will live longer or return to normal anytime

Decay in the Czech Republic. PES is dead, the packs will live longer or return to normal anytime

The Czech Republic’s anti – epidemic organization, or PES for short, has long been the target of criticism. The general public, as the government has not followed it for months, the professional public has not reconsidered the new Govt-19 mutations.

A new broom is said to wipe well. With this in mind, the Ministry of Health, under the new leadership of Minister Peter Arenberger (yes), introduced a new system for the people to cut through the old PSA and talk, based on which it is natural for Sequoia to gradually return. They are called packages and work on a much simpler basis than most bitten PES.

Packages to return to normal life

Photo: Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

Important and so far the only criterion Weekly infections per lakh people. All you have to do is add the Govt-19 cases confirmed last week and divide it by about 107, which is a population of 100,000.

There are several collections, which are divided into schools and then the rest of the cultural events, restaurants, etc. However, the new system is very harsh at first glance. For example For permission The full opening of indoor concerts or plays or restaurants is essential to ensure that the infection is not confirmed within a week 5 300 Members.

Packages for a return to normal life – School

Photo: Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

If we compare the latest data available from Europe with the Czech Republic and other countries follow the same pattern, there will be drastic measures everywhere except Slovakia, Portugal, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Belarus, Albania.

The rest of the European countries now have over that magical hundred for an average population of one lakh. In Israel, which has been heavily vaccinated, 10 per million people a week are affected on April 20.

As the number of victims has been steadily declining in recent weeks, all forecasts are looking optimistic. However, it is necessary to wait until the new distortions are reflected in the number of victims.

In its report on the launch of the package, the ministry predicted that package number 3 would come into effect in the first half of May and package number 4 in the second half of the month. According to Volume 5, it assumes that the assumption is very uncertain and estimates it between the months of June and July.