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Deception and escape before his case was exposed.. The Israeli journalist reveals: How did he have fun?

Deception and escape before his case was exposed.. The Israeli journalist reveals: How did he have fun?

05:44 PM

Wednesday 20 July 2022

I wrote – Sarah Abu Shadi:

Hours ago, the Israeli Channel 13 broadcast a video documenting the infiltration of an Israeli Jewish reporter to Mecca to document the Hajj season. The Israeli journalist’s confessions revealed that he had committed several legal violations despite his knowledge of this, and that he had lied and deceived Saudis, before he was forced to flee after a Saudi sheikh had almost discovered his case.

The Israeli Channel 13 correspondent, Jill Tamari, sparked widespread anger, after he infiltrated Mecca and climbed Mount Arafat, to serve as the first correspondent belonging to the Zionist entity, able to enter Mecca and embark on a journey there – even approaching the clock tower and the Kaaba, and reaching Mount Arafat. .

The Israeli journalist’s trip was completely misleading. According to Israeli media, the journalist admitted that entry to Mecca, the holiest site in Islam, is prohibited for followers of other religions and is illegal under Saudi law, but he decided to enter nonetheless.

Jill Tamari, a journalist for Israel’s Channel 13, was in Saudi Arabia at the special invitation of the Saudi government on the occasion of US President Joe Biden’s visit, but he snuck into Mecca without permission, in search of an exclusive story for the channel he works for, which broadcast the video of Tamari’s trip in Mecca on Tuesday morning.

In the broadcast shown by the Israeli channel, Tamari spoke that he would not have been able to enter Mecca without the help of a Saudi citizen who refused to disclose him or his name for fear of harm to him, and who accompanied him on his journey to Mecca and ascent with him on Mount Arafat, but the Saudi citizen also did not know Tamari is an Israeli journalist.

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On their way to Mecca and during their arrest by the Saudi authorities, the Saudi citizen and the Israeli journalist told them that they had come to the city for a visit to see friends. In the broadcast published by the Israeli channel, the two appeared to pass through signs on the road indicating that non-Muslims are not allowed to proceed And lowering the camera while they were passing the police check on their way, and when they reached the holy Mount Arafat, they got out of the car, then the Saudi citizen spoke to “Tamari”, saying, “This whole thing is illegal.”

Tamari began speaking to the camera in Hebrew in a low voice to avoid detection, and said that only Muslims are allowed to be here. No Israeli journalist has ever broadcasted from this place.

Also during the live broadcast, the journalist said that the guide began to feel uncomfortable, but he insisted on climbing to the top of the mountain to get a better view, especially since he was confident that no one would notice him, but the Saudi citizen told him that he was remarkable and that they should leave, and Tamari himself He heard one of the clerics say that he needed to approach to find out if he was a Muslim, especially after he raised suspicions in the place, and then the journalist decided to escape with the citizen.

Anger in Saudi Arabia and Israel

Jill Tamari sparked widespread anger, in Saudi Arabia and also in the Zionist entity, after he infiltrated Mecca and climbed Mount Arafat.

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And the Saudi blogger, Muhammad Saud, who is known to support the Israeli occupation state, posted in a video clip on Twitter in Hebrew, “Dear friends in Israel, one of your reporters entered the holy city of Makkah and photographed it without any shame. This is like entering a synagogue and reading the Torah. Shame on your 13th channel. Ashamed of disrespecting Islam like that.”

The anger was not from the Saudis only, but the journalist and his presence in Mecca angered a large number of citizens of the Israeli occupation, and a number of them came out to criticize and attack what the journalist did, and some of them even demanded that Gil Tamari be dismissed and punished harshly, because what happened to him is something “disrespectful”. They also demanded a fine for Channel 13.

Among those who condemned the journalist’s action, Israeli political advisor Lenny Ben-David, who also wrote on Twitter, “With great disappointment, I express my personal apologies for the irresponsible entry of an Israeli Jewish reporter into the holy Islamic city of Mecca.”

faded reply

In response to the attack, the Israeli journalist tweeted that he did not intend to offend Muslims or anyone else, the whole purpose of this endeavor was to highlight the importance of Mecca and the beauty of religion.” But the truth is that the professional ethics of journalists in general forbids lying about One’s identity or breaking the law in order to achieve a story, but the Channel 13 journalist justified it with “journalistic curiosity”.