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Declining support for Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom … Morocco

Arab News Press B – Kish 24 See the waning support for Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom, now see the details.

A poll revealed that support for Scottish independence continues to decline, with 46% supporting leaving the United Kingdom, compared with 54% who want to remain part of the Union.

Support for Scotland’s independence from the UK is waning Political expert: Scottish independence would put Britain in dire straits

A SkyNews poll conducted in partnership with YouGov found that if “I don’t know” respondents were included in the figures, support for independence would be lower, leaving just 39% in favor of independence and 47% against. %

But in any case, the results show that support for the SNP’s leading Labor has fallen compared to last month, when a poll showed 50% supported leaving the UK.

Regardless of their views on independence, the poll revealed that 52% of the public believe Scotland will be part of the United Kingdom within 10 years.

The poll showed a split view of the Scottish Government’s performance, with 44% saying the government was doing a good job and 46% saying it was doing a poor job.

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Sees the decline in support for Scottish independence from the United Kingdom

These are the breakdowns of the percentage of support for Scottish independence from the UK. We hope we have succeeded in providing you with full details and information.

Note that the original article is published and available Check 24 The editorial team at Press B has checked it, and it may have been adapted, and it may have been completely replaced or quoted from it, and the development of this news or topic can be read and followed from its original source.

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