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Default loitering |  good cities

Default loitering | good cities

Dr.. good cities

The Tunisian researcher in cultural sciences, Dr. Monji Al-Zaidi, is the one who used the description in the title in his book “The Masses of Culture,” and it deals with the great demand of young people into the virtual space. The word “loitering” implies a negative load that comes in the minds of those who hear it or read it. Indeed, I tried to find a positive meaning for the term, but I did not find it. The word “loitering” in language dictionaries carries only interpretations of the type: loitering in the streets aimlessly, sluggish, vagrant, straying He strays, falters, persists in his misguidance, has not been guided to his destination..etc.
But Monji al-Zaidi does not use the description of virtual loitering in any of the meanings that language dictionaries refer us to, but to the exact opposite, he sees this type of “loitering” as a public space for the youth group, and as it “constitutes an intimate space for young people,” blaming the Their resort to this virtual loitering on the elderly, because, in his opinion, they monopolize public spaces and subject them to their control, so young people do not find an outlet for themselves in them, which leads them to turn the virtual space into a public space for them, with what this expression implies of removing the character of the virtual, and bringing it closer to the limits not far from real or actual.
It is natural that the elderly, whom the researcher blamed, look at the matter negatively and anxiously, but researchers, and Monji al-Zaidi, one of them, view virtual loitering as, according to the researcher, “a factor conducive to establishing social ties and maintaining contact with others through the sharing of forms of culture, fashion, music and media.” ‘, and ‘a form of common presence to form a view of the world’.
This view is open to debate, of course, but its merits cannot be overlooked, in diagnosing the reality of the virtual world’s real presence. Although the digital world has become a serious competitor to the traditional media, which monopolized the task of creating or adapting public opinion, it also did not lead to the complete expropriation of this role, especially when the space for freedom of expression expands in the concerned society, which helps the traditional media to remain as a platform for debate between Different opinions and points of view.
The matter is not limited to the media alone, but also includes the world of entertainment, in which television and cinema can be included, which is what the researcher mentioned in paragraphs in his book when he noticed that what he described as “digital television” provided new forms of television content and the space for its consumption, as it became In front of the viewer, “TV streams and a record of choices for audio-visual content, which he can navigate as he pleases.”

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