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Někdejší útočník Zlína Vladimír Malár (vpravo) v souboji legend proti Ivu Stašovi.

Demand malaria: Health should always have a higher value than verbal attack

“To everyone who participated in the amount of penalty kicks for the players in the Rangers-Slavia match, I would like from the bottom of my heart 60 minutes of the match to stand in the shoes of goalkeeper Ondra Kulach to experience the feeling of helplessness when pointing the metal nails on their faces to the opponent’s soccer shoes. In order to experience the moment. In which life is already at stake due to criminal interference by an opponent, you must be fully aware that health must always have a higher value in all circumstances than a verbal attack, ”said a former attacker on the social network.

He points out that Camara received a three-game penalty kick for attacking Codela in the bowels of the field, and his teammate Kimar Rove will not play the next four matches due to a foul on Colay.

“With this, the UEFA Associations have given players an indication of what they will not tolerate and what they will now have to turn a blind eye to according to the established scale,” Mallard says.

“So with a little exaggeration, footballers now praise the tattoos, soccer shoes, and pretty leather, but then they are sent into a wheelchair with a brutal intervention. For a ridiculous distance of four matches, why not?” He adds sarcastically.

“It is not the health of those who put up such a meter,” he recalls.

According to Mallar, although UEFA publicly combats racism, it created an artificial racism with this ruling. “Based on the allegation of one of the players, who at the time was no longer about football, but to divert attention from the misery that Rangers showed in that game,” he said.

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“For me, UEFA officials have clinched themselves on the jersey, with the players wearing the UEFA RESPECT logo,” he added angrily.