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Democrats do not want Biden.. Who will succeed him in the White House?

Democrats do not want Biden.. Who will succeed him in the White House?

A recent opinion poll conducted by CNN showed that 75 percent of voters Democrats Democrats want the party to nominate someone other than the current president Joe Biden In the elections of 2024, a sharp increase from earlier this year.

and comes Poll While Biden’s approval rating, 79, remains low, most Americans are dissatisfied with the state of the country and the economy. Inflation remains high, and a new report released on Tuesday showed consumer confidence declining for the third month in a row.

The impossibility of the second state

Commenting on this, political analyst Andrew Boyfield said that despite Biden’s assurances that he will run again, the chances of re-electing the US president for a second term are almost impossible, given his low popularity, mental failures and advanced age, as he will reach 82 years in 2024.

Boyfield added to “Sky News Arabia”, that according to opinion polls, Biden faces the lowest historical support rate ever, which is the worst among independents and Republicans, in addition to a large number of situations in which Biden appeared mentally disoriented, physically weak, or lacking political intuitions. Biden is “living in partial dementia”.

He indicated that Vice President Kamala Harris will almost certainly run for the Democratic nomination if Biden decides to settle for one term, and her status and personal story, as she is the first black and Asian American woman to occupy her position, would make her a candidate, despite Democrats’ fears of her low popularity.

He said Harris would face rivals if Biden decided not to go ahead with the matter, including California Governor Gavin Newsom, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who ran for the White House in 2020, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders would also be potential contenders in an open race.

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He pointed out that at the moment most Democrats focus on the midterm elections amid fears of catastrophic results due to the crises the country is going through, after the midterm elections, everything may change.

Vice President’s Political Activity

Recently, US Vice President Kamala Harris stepped up her visits to key states and held talks with top fundraisers, with calls for President Joe Biden to say he would serve only one term, according to the British newspaper, “The Times”.

Harris has made eight domestic visits so far in July, twice as many as in any other month since taking office; She’s made an average of three visits per month this year, and her activism is surprising party members, and it comes at a time when Democratic governors are starting to test the waters for their potential candidacy in the 2024 race.

Her trips this month included heading to key states: Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. “I plan to travel across the country, talk to and listen to people. Women and men are upset, angry, and afraid of being taken away,” Harris told The 19th.

Harris’s increased visibility and engagement comes at a crucial moment for Democrats, with President Joe Biden’s approval rating steadily declining, hitting a new low this week amid inflation troubles, said Erin Haines, editor-in-chief of “The 19th”.

On the other hand, the conflict began early within the Republican Party over who holds the 2024 election ticket, in light of strong indications and hints from former President Donald Trump, of his intention to run again, while several names emerged, some of whom were working under the authority of the former president.

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According to the American newspaper “The Hill”, there are 5 Republicans who have already begun preparing for their presidential campaigns, and some are more public than others, and are expected to compete with Trump to win the party ticket in the next presidential election, scheduled for 2024.

The newspaper said that the five are Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former US Vice President Mike Pence, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, and Republican Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz.