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Denk Ukrajinky: Baby is the best, catch esk slovka

Spring of the year. Which my mother doesn’t like, because she started gardening all over again. If my children and I went for a walk around the village and my mother noticed that I was chopping onions. She is sad, the garden and the house she was taking care of are missing. I left chickens, necks, and two dogs at home.

The neighbor, who is looking for an invited star, also shows his mother one of the dog’s faults. Every day he searches for her and screams and then goes back to the shed. The N type of Jack dog is not. It’s just a bald spot when he’s hunting a chicken.

My husband reopened the store at home. More than 30,000 refugees came from the country’s entrance to Lutsk, my hometown, and new customers have also appeared, appreciating our healthy, beneficial walnut products.

People tell businesses what they’ve been through, and most importantly, that they’ve lost. Not everyone has a pension. Several Russians destroyed the DM, and also drank without it. He gives honey and other goodies to such people for free.


The city government opened three large dormitories for refugees, where people received free food, and provided temporary housing and financial assistance. What will happen to them, however, is not known.

Dtem is the best. My family has two sons, two and three years old. In the backyard of the house we live in, there are a lot of Ukrainian children, but also Echo.

Nay was having fun with kadm. They adapted here very quickly. They even began to pick up a lot of Czech words.

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I think it’s here for the kids. In the village we have a garden, a forest, a meadow and a water tank. We cater to our bikes.

I think for every Ukrainian, this week has been very mental. They first began to appear about what was happening in Bui and other parts of Ukraine, from which the Russian army left.

Until this week, the wolf was still terrible, but Nm. Tm
Surrounded by thousands of Ukrainians who have gone through a master’s degree in Hell. First, in many cities of Ukraine, I hate Russians, they kill innocent people.

Dink Ukranki portal project, two spaces flee from the wolf. Describe your stories on normal days. They finished their path to freedom, look at the ceiling over their heads and their daily life in the Czech Republic.

I first read about people with tied limbs being shot in the head, about the six-year-old boy who watched his mother steal. He who rides a bicycle, stayed. Dead with a wheel beside him.

I think everyone should cry this week. It hurts for every reason. I don’t think it could have happened in the twenty-first century.

At first glance, the soldiers seem to be the people, but it’s just a mask. In fact, these are calls that they can only kill to bring their wives to television.

To support our mental health, we have supported the Not Alone conference in Blansko. It is a meeting and their children who entered the Czech Republic because of a wolf.

While my children were playing, my women and I prayed together in our country, supported each other, and looked for a way to free ourselves from fear and panic.

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I don’t want the European country to know what Russian special operations mean. To prevent this from happening, Ukraine needs 100% support.

I hope that the help that European countries give them will not stop until they win. At the moment, Ukraine stands before the totalitarianism and philosophy represented by Putinovsk Russia. Let’s just defeat evil together.

Oksana Ernij