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Despite Kyiv's response to the Russians' advance... Zelensky: The situation is difficult in Donbass

Despite Kyiv’s response to the Russians’ advance… Zelensky: The situation is difficult in Donbass

While Moscow refocuses its attack on eastern Ukraine, especially after Kyiv’s resistance to the advance of Russian forcesOn Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declared that the situation in the Donbass region remains extremely difficult.

The president added that the Russian forces are still trying to show a victory of some kind, as he put it.

Zelensky also continued in a speech during a video clip late at night, that on the 80th day of the military operation there is Russian anger over what is happening, especially with the cohesion of the Ukrainian forces, but they (that is, the Russians) do not stop their attempts, according to what Reuters quoted the president as saying.

destroy russian armored vehicles

The president’s speech came after a video recording of the Ukrainian army showed hours ago that the Ukrainian forces destroyed several vehicles of a Russian armored column as it tried to cross a river in the Donbass region.

While the second stage of the Russian military operation launched on Ukrainian territory does not seem to be going according to the previously set schedule.

After the Russian army focused its capabilities on eastern Ukraine with the aim of liberating the Donbass region, as he put it, it does not seem to achieve what was expected in this region, which witnessed several years of clashes and unrest, according to what a number of experts said.

Moscow has concentrated 80% of its forces in the east since last March, compared to 20% before that, and has managed to redeploy a large number of armored vehicles and adapt some of the tactics of the Ukrainians.

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However, despite this, Russia is facing failures in the Donbass, especially after Ukraine recently succeeded in thwarting Moscow’s attempt to cross the river to the region, which led to the destruction of dozens of vehicles and heavy losses.

Russian gains?

It is noteworthy that Russia had announced last February 24 the launch of a military operation on the lands of its western neighbor, which it described at the time as a blitzkrieg, but the winds on the ground took place contrary to the desires of the Russian ships. It lasts months after.

Regardless of the gains that Russia can obtain, it has lost a lot, according to many observers, as it was forced to review its basic objectives to reduce them, and was unable to use its navy, but rather lost ships, most notably the flagship “Moskva” of the Black Sea Fleet, and it failed to control the Ukrainian airspace and suffered setbacks on the ground.