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Details of Harry and Megan's secret visit to Britain to meet the Queen and Prince Charles

Details of Harry and Megan’s secret visit to Britain to meet the Queen and Prince Charles

The British newspaper The Daily Mail reported that Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, had secretly traveled to the United Kingdom to see Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

The newspaper said it was the first time the Duchess of Sussex had set foot in the UK in two years since he and Harry’s abruptly resigned as members of the royal family.

The newspaper confirmed that it was not known how the couple arrived, whether they flew in private or to the United Kingdom on business, but their presence was the talk of the natives at Castle Windsor, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continued to arrive. In the United Kingdom last Wednesday in disguise, they are believed to have lived in Frockmore’s house. Children Archie and Lilliput in the United States.

The newspaper pointed out that when the trainer of eager churchgoers who had come to the Royal Monte Mask saw Harry and Megan heading to Windsor Castle early Thursday morning, they all tried to keep their arrival a secret, but it was paradoxical that everyone saw Harry and Megan. .

He added that the couple would go to the Queen’s official residence to see Prince Charles and Prince Charles, who were at home with his wife, the Cornwall Duchess, to represent the Queen in church service for the first time.

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