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Details of Mohamed Salah’s new announcement. He walks on land, sea and air (video)

Today, Monday, the curtain was unveiled on the new announcement of Mohamed Salah, the star of the Egyptian national team and the English team, Liverpool.

Mohamed Salah appears in a promotional campaign for an international telecommunications company, accompanied by his agent, Rami Abbas, whose appearance in the advertisement was considered surprising by some.

Details of Mohamed Salah’s new announcement

The idea of ​​Mohamed Salah’s new announcement is based on negotiating with the pharaoh to participate in a TV series of 3 episodes, the first of which is entitled “Salah in the Desert”, along with two other subsequent episodes entitled “Salah in the Red Sea” and “Salah in the Al-Azhar Tunnel”.

And an Egyptian director begins to announce the details of the first episode of the series, where Mohamed Salah is surprised by a phone from his daughter informing him of her birthday, which he forgot and that she is waiting for him in the evening in Hurghada, to find that his agent has prepared a way for him to catch up with Christmas via a private helicopter.

Salah is already riding the helicopter, but while flying over the desert, a sudden fire breaks out, and the pilot asks Mohamed Salah to wear a parachute and jump from it.

Salah starts trying to actually jump out of the plane, but as he tries to jump, he finds Rami Abbas trying to prevent him from this step for fear of being injured, but in the end he jumps to find himself in the middle of the desert, and he is surprised that his phone network is still working despite all that atmosphere, which he writes He has a way out.

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And the director begins again to show the details of the second episode, to try to convince Salah to complete the rest of the series, but his agent, Rami Abbas, is citing two reasons, the crowded agenda of the Liverpool star and the lack of conviction in the first episode.

Despite the director’s insistence, Rami Abbas refuses that Mohamed Salah complete this series, and the Pharaoh succeeds in evading the matter with new proposals based on presenting gifts to the company’s customers, which convinces the management to abandon the idea of ​​​​advertising and start attracting its customers in another way.

Watch Mohamed Salah’s new ad