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Details of the case of seizure of the money of Egypt goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy

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Mohamed Wasel, the lawyer for the goalkeeper of the Egyptian national team and Al-Ahly club, Mohamed El-Shennawy, revealed the details of the decision issued by the Court of Appeal to seize the property of the Red Castle guard, after Walid Abdel Hadi, his former agent, demanded the payment of approximately one million and 650 thousand pounds as a commission for him.

Mohamed Wasel, lawyer for Mohamed El-Shennawy, confirmed that this ruling is not final, and there are other measures we are taking at the present time towards this decision, according to Al-Watan newspaper.

Wasel added: “All the numbers circulated by news sites, whether by people or otherwise, are completely untrue, and we do not speak until after we take all official measures, and then we wait for the final ruling from the just Egyptian judiciary.”

He continued, “We respect the court rulings and do not comment on them, but there are scenes that have not yet appeared to the public, and there are fabricated numbers that are published and some speculations, but we will not respond to them now, until after the final ruling.”

Muhammad Al-Shennawi had received a call from his family this morning informing him of the arrival of a report to his house to seize the property of his house because of the ruling issued by Walid Abdel Hadi, his former agent.

It is worth noting that this crisis is due to Mohamed El-Shennawy’s refusal to pay the dues of his agent, Walid Abdel-Hadi, over his transfer to Al-Ahly ranks, 5 years ago, which made him resort to sue the player.

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