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"Determined to resolve" .. Russian officials reveal the date of the "declaration of victory"

“Determined to resolve” .. Russian officials reveal the date of the “declaration of victory”

And, according to the Russian “Medusa” platform, quoting unnamed sources, the officials Russians They are still debating the possibility of an attack on Kyiv, perhaps beyond that into a large-scale and all-out escalation.

The US magazine Newsweek commented, “The Russians are considering escalation, even though the plans they laid down before the start of military operations on February 24 did not go as planned.”

According to a source that the “Medusa” platform said is close to the Kremlin, Moscow Determined to have it all over by next fall.

And Medusa reported that Kremlin He considered the control of Donetsk and Luhansk, eastern Ukraine, as the military minimum required to declare victory, but this matter has not been achieved. So far, the Russians have succeeded in controlling only 5 percent of Luhansk, while they control 60 percent of Donetsk.

The Russian army had entered phase “B” of military operations earlier, after declaring focus on the Donbass region, and withdrawing from other regions such as Kyiv, which had shown great resistance.

And Western intelligence reports spoke more than once of a clear Russian stumble in Ukraine, but Russian officials have repeatedly stressed that the operations are going according to plan.

Medusa quoted the Russian official as saying that the military operations “really encountered obstacles because the Ukrainians were more resistant than was imagined, but this does not mean the inability to achieve goals.”

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