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بالبلدي: تطوير خاصية سكان في تطبيق سناب شات وزيادة وظائفها

Develop a population feature in the Snapchat application and increase its functionality London – Arabs Today

The social networking application, Snapchat, has developed the capabilities of visual search, and expanded its scope by updating the “Scan” feature on the application.

It is reported that the “scan” feature has been part of the popular app for a while as a way to identify songs or solve any math problem. But the new update makes the “Scan” feature an essential part of the Snapchat application through the presence of a button on the application’s home page with the addition of more functions that can be performed using “Scan”.

It is noteworthy that the “Scan” feature can help the user to know the style of wearing that a particular outfit represents when pointing the smartphone’s camera at him, and this feature can also provide advice on the accessories and additions that can be worn with this outfit. The “Scan” feature can also identify the breed of dogs, or the types of plants through the image.

The website “”, which specializes in technology issues, had indicated that “Snapchat” hopes that the “Scan” feature will enhance the capabilities of visual search, as is the case in the “Google Lens” service. This feature also uses augmented reality technology in addition to collaborating with several partners, such as: Amazon and Shazam, to contribute to the identification of as many different types of visual inputs as possible.

And because Snapchat is first and foremost a visual social media app, the Scan feature can also recognize the type of photo the user is taking and recommend the right filter or music for that photo.

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On the other hand, Snapchat intends to launch the feature known as “Short Cuts Camera” for smart devices running the iOS operating system next Thursday, and to launch the version for devices running the Android operating system by the end of this year. This feature is supposed to help the user choose the most appropriate camera mode to get the best picture of the scene to be photographed.

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