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Developing a device that detects the ripeness of bananas and avocados in an instant instead of squeezing them

Shoppers no longer have to handpick fruit and veg at the supermarket, thanks to the UK’s three biggest retailers operating. Speaks to install scanners State-of-the-art predicts shelf life within seconds.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, customers can take an item such as butter or mango and place it under the scanning machine. Infrared beamAnd within a second, the screen above will light up with a score of 100, revealing how ripe it is and estimating the number of days it’s expired.

Dutch company OneThird says its innovation will stop massive amounts of food waste costing retailers and consumers billions of pounds every year worldwide.

A ‘ripeness check’ is used for particularly perishable soft, exotic and stone fruits and vegetables. Using infrared light, the machine scans the product at a molecular level, for example water, sugar and starch content, then sophisticated AI compares it to hundreds of thousands of other examples to see the success of similar items in its database.

The machine’s accuracy is expected to be able to predict the shelf life of up to 10 fruits and vegetables by the end of the year, depending on what is being tested.

The result is a zero to 100 on screen for avocados, and the machine can reduce the rating for strawberries to a day.

OneThird founder Marco Snickers told the Daily Mail he was in talks with three major British retailers to install the machines, but said all were already using the machines in their supply chains.

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