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Seriál Dexter (2006-2013).

Dexter Morgan is a simple killer. Favorite series with the first preview of the new series | civilization

Angels Cyril Dexter about a killer who fell in love with another killer who will continue after eight years. Showtime TV has prepared a new ten-part series with the creator of the original series. Ukzka lk ball to the main character as fans know him.

When Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is exposed, the killer kills his mother. The young man grew up laughing, clutching at his aggression and desire for revenge. Days of Night Feelings and his adoptive father taught him to kill the ones who deserve it more. There are only two rules – never kill an innocent person and never get caught. Dexter is a secret killer, just slander like that.

a series

Cyril Dexter Between 2006 and 2013, CBS TV ran a total of eight SRs for a total of 96 dl. However, she did get the license to Showtime TV, who revived blood with a cup. Even with the fact that the series ended in its last series.

Antihero TV is now back in a decade series, playing ten years after the end of the original series. It is not yet clear what the matter will be at this time. Ukzka’s ball didn’t tell the fans much.

In modernity, of course, the drill and actor were in the main role of Michael C. Hall, as well as the creators of the first three series of the Clyde Phillips series (otherwise signed to the series) Cystica Jackie or Hri).

Gary Levine, Speaker of the House From the Showtime TV section, It has two licenses from prohlsil, e on right The company will only use it if it finds someone who will take it with dignity. TM nkm was the first Philips.

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Cyril has won three TV Oscar Emmys and two Gulby Awards in the past.