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Dhafer El Abidine: "The Spider" is a great challenge... and "Ghadwa" is a humanitarian work

Dhafer El Abidine: “The Spider” is a great challenge… and “Ghadwa” is a humanitarian work

Al-Abidin revealed the features of his role in the movie “The Spider,” saying: “My role in the spider represents a great challenge for me, and a different and new role than what I presented before, in addition to the fact that the work falls under the category of Action movies“.

And he added in his interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “I embody during the work, a character with a glimpse of evil, with a large group of stars led by the artist. Ahmed El Sakka And Mona Zaki, written by Muhammad Nair, directed by Ahmed Nader Galal, and it is scheduled to be shown during the coming period.

And the reason for his lack of appearance in cinematic worksThe Tunisian artist said that he likes to appear in the cinema with a different work and does not offer anything for the sake of presence only.

And he touched on his dramatic activities, explaining that he continues filming the series “”Beirut’s bride 3”, which achieved great success in its first and second parts, and participated in the tournament by Takla Chamoun, Carmen Basibes, Muhammad Al-Ahmad, adding that he had not contracted any artwork for the next Ramadan 2022, because he was busy finishing this series.

Humanitarian work

When asked about the reason for choosing the idea for the movie “Ghadwa”, to participate in the official competition For Cairo Film Festival In its 43rd session, which was held recently in Cairo, Al-Abidin said: “The idea of ​​working came to me after I went through the same story in my personal life, when my brother Hatem was diagnosed with cancer, and he was a diligent person and loved to help others.”

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He continued, “The film tells about the relationship of a father and his son and the events take place in a day and a half. During what they are exposed to, the film tells what is happening in the country and Tunisian society and the conditions it is going through, whether political, economic or social. It is a humanitarian act based on the family relationship.”

Bold, risky and adventurous

Al-Abidin pointed out that the movie “Ghadwa” is full of boldness, risk and adventure, adding: “The artist must take an adventure in order to advance, and I see my experience in (Ghadwa), very important because it put me in different roles of production, writing and directing.”

The Tunisian artist expressed his great happiness with the audience’s positive reactions to “Ghadwa”, explaining that he is proud of his film’s participation in the Cairo Film Festival in the official competition.

And why was the film not shown in Tunisia first? Carthage Film FestivalHe explained that he showed the film to the festival officials, but unfortunately no one responded.

Al-Abidin concluded his talk with “Sky News Arabia” about the difference he felt when he played the director’s role in the movie “Ghadwa”, saying: “The directing experience for me was a great responsibility and completely different from acting, because it is the main pillar of the work,” referring to He agreed in his choices to a working team that believed and was convinced of the idea of ​​the film, so he got a satisfactory result from the audience.